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Santa Fe Birdwatching: Spring Adventure Edition


With 500+ bird species on New Mexico’s state bird list, Santa Fe Spring Travel is one of the best for Birders!

Rufous Towee


Springtime and Birds are magical! Combine the two to create an inspirational Spring Santa Fe birdwatching trip for all ages to remember. Springtime not only brings migration of birds to and through New Mexico, it inspires and motivates people into action. There’s just something magical about a rare, beautiful bird which engages a person in our natural world. Whether our Santa Fe visitors are  exploring a nearby New Mexico’s National Monument, or hiking a remote canyon, or intentionally seeking out a festival or special event, springtime is a special time to avail unique, one of a kind travel opportunities. Have you ever thought about birding?  Well, if you have you’d know that birding is the perfect love affair with feathered friends, with nature, and with conservation! Guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast who over the past 32 spring seasons have visited many of the sites listed below and not only enjoyed the places but appreciated the birds as well! We hope this information will add to your Santa Fe Spring Travel enjoyment as well!

To provide the most informative information on this subject, we’ve consulted the experts- the staff at Audubon New Mexico! Audubon New Mexico tell us, “Favorite birding sites can be somewhat personal choices. We suggest these following locations for Santa Fe Spring travel birding visitors”:



Orilla Verde Recreation Area – located north of Santa Fe, just one mile past the turnoff at Pilar along the Rio Grande and extending up the river is an excellent viewing area. A BLM visitor center on NM68 is located across the road from the village of Pilar as well. This area is excellent viewing as bird habitats include the river, associated willows and tamarisk, mature cottonwood groves (especially at the campgrounds), numerous seeps and springs along the canyon walls, pin?on, and rim rock. Bullock’s Oriole can be spotted in the spring and summer as well as the Pin?on Jay, Canyon Wren, Rock Wren, and Bushtit all year. The area is known to have Dipper all year and has had breeding Golden Eagle and Peregrine Falcon!

The Sangre de Cristo Audubon Society chapter is based in the Santa Fe and Los Alamos area. They point out many great birding hot spots, but Hyde State Park and Road and the Santa Fe Ski Basin capture the interest of many. The extended area near Hyde State Park and along the trails off the road to the ski area includes several hiking options, each of which has birding opportunities. Williamson’s Sapsucker’s (breeding), Hammond’s and Cordilleran Flycatchers, Western Tanagers, Nuthatches (Red and White-breasted, Pygmy), Mountain Chickadees, Steller’s Jays, and Western Warblers are some of the species anticipated within the Black Canyon campground and trails. Further up Hyde Park Road, Blue Grouse are sometimes seen at elevations between the Borrego Trail to the ski basin.

The Santa Fe Ski Basin has a great trailhead for those who want to venture into the high mountain back country. Species expected include Hermit Thrush, House Wren, Junco, Cordilleran Flycatcher, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Gray Jay, and Clark’s Nutcracker.

Randall Davey Audubon Center is where a wide variety of birds reside and visit during migration.

New Mexico Blue Jay

It’s less than a mile from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast– an easy drive up upper Canyon Rd and just east of downtown Santa Fe. Nestled at the mouth of the Santa Fe Canyon, the Randall Davey Audubon Center encompasses 135 acres and includes miles of hiking trails, a nature store, and the historic home of artist Randall Davey. Favorites on the Audubon’s grounds include the Spotted and Canyon Towhee, Hairy Woodpecker, Lesser Goldfinch, and Black-headed Grosbeak. Typical birds found are hummingbirds, nuthatches, juncos, warblers, woodpeckers, jays, and chickadees. The plant community along the Santa Fe River bottom provides a home to towhees, goldfinches, vireos, robins, and others. A special treat of the Randall Davey Audubon Center are the free guided bird walks on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am! A favorite “to do” suggestion of ours at Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn.  For more information on birding New Mexico Santa Fe Spring Travel Santa Fe lodging please click visit our past birding BLOG

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Adobe New Mexico Hotels, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts – Santa Fe Travel Exclusive

Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.

Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn– Santa Fe’s Most Authentic, Historic Adobe Pueblo- bed and breakfast shares it’s history, traditional New Mexico culture and gracious hospitality for 32 years to Santa Fe travelers providing that one of kind historic travel experience like non other.  This 156 yr old historic Santa Fe bed & breakfast inn continues a rich New Mexico lodging tradition of the past. Taking the name of the intriguing archaeological site “Pueblo Bonito” of Chaco Canyon in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, our enchanting downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico vacation lodging destination is a two story, two-and-a-half foot thick adobe pueblo architecturally accurate compound made up of three separate buildings and having a total of 19 Santa Fe lodging rooms! All 3/4 of an acre is surrounded by a massive adobe wall with quaint adobe archways, hand forged wrought iron fences and flagstone steps leading to the downtown streets of Santa Fe.

Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn- Santa Fe was given its name over 87 years ago by Mr. Al Kempineck who purchased the highly sought after massive adobe pueblo-style compound from then prominent U.S Federal Court Judge John McFie in the early 1930’s. Judge McFie served the U.S. Court system from early 1860 to well into the mid 1900’s and was a very respected and well to do gentleman. He was assigned to the Southwest Texas Territory (which included West Texas and all of New Mexico) prior to New Mexico becoming a state in 1912. During his term, many noteworthy southwestern outlaws showed up on the scene, such as Doc Campbell, Billy the Kid, and Pancho Villa to mention only a few. Judge McFie had made for himself a comfortable and fine estate- with a large one story private home boasting high ceilings, separate servant quarters, separate horse stables, and native horno (bread oven). All were made from hand formed adobe bricks creating walls 2 to 2.5 ft thick! When viewing this amazing two-story adobe pueblo-style estate with its distinctive pueblo adobe architecture, Mr. Kemenick fell in love with it. His motivation was to re-create a community style property resembling that of the original Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon. He envisioned a small community of people dwelling together, sharing their daily lives as friends and neighbors, thus the conversion into apartments! Just like the Pueblo Bonito of old (except with indoor plumbing, modern comforts and kiva fireplaces)!

Due to its prime location (in historic downtown Santa Fe, NM just a stone’s throw away from the New Mexico State Capital building), and comfortable spaces, Pueblo Bonito  provided varied necessary services to Santa Fe artists, politicians and community members. Rent as low as $35/month, Pueblo Bonito served as home to many colorful people of the day, some of which are now famous such as Hilare Hiler- southwestern artist. There were non-famous folk as well, such as George Sanders who lived with his family at Pueblo Bonito while serving in Los Alamos as personal bodyguard to Robert Oppenheimer, head physicist of the Manhattan project (see pictures). Ladies of the evening were known to keep house at Pueblo Bonito in earlier days providing services for gentlemen coming in on the Santa Fe Railroad. Even a neighborhood market conducted business out of our San Ildefonso (#20) room as it was located closer to Galisteo Street.

In the 1970’s the property changed hands again, but kept it’s occupancy as apartments. Better known as “starving” artists apartments (which at that time inhabited much of Santa Fe), an unknown artist who could not make rent one month left behind three murals upstairs on the indoor hallway next to Isleta (#10) and Santa Ana (#9). These murals have been well preserved and boast the original content depcitions of Native American culture we celebrate still today!

In 1986, a young newly wed couple residing in Dallas, Texas began this popular Santa Fe bed & breakfast we now know as Pueblo Bonito Inn. Herb and Amy Behm at a ripe young age of 28 and 24 decided to make a go of it. With background in franchise location and business management and a degree from Georgetown College, Herb took to providing Santa Fe accommodations beautifully! Amy, a recent graduate of Southern Methodist University and originally from Santa Fe, NM shared her background in marketing and sales with a bachelors of business degree.

Together, the Behm’s worked side-by-side learning the business of B&B innkeeping. With no other employees but themselves for the first year of business and only 12 rooms (now 19) with breakfasts served to the rooms (not like today with a communal room) the learning curve was great. Their goal was then and still is to provide a relax, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that provides the true character of Pueblo Bonito at an affordable price, while always desiring a return visit from each of their satisfied guests.

The challenge presented by such a unique, historic property has demanded constant tender loving care due to it’s age and Herb and Amy’s desire to keep its authenticity as a prime Southwestern property in the heart of charming, historic downtown Santa Fe. Over the past 32 years, the bed & breakfast inn has had several face lifts from adding showers, to replacing clay plumbing pipes, completely overhauling the communal area, to replacing the original antique kitchen units in rooms with usable new vanities, to placing phones, adding air conditioners, refrigerators and WiFi for each room, as well as redoing the quaint brick pathways, getting a brand new kitchen for breakfast and afternoon tea service, and lighting the outdoor areas adding to the overall Historic Santa Fe Travel Experience!

Through these growth spurts, we have received numerous encouragements from our guests, support from our community and numberous awards from our industry such as:”Best Preservation Renovation for Historical Significance” in 1988 – Santa Fe Historical Society; “Best of Santa Fe” for Accommodation in 1995- Reporter”; 2nd in “Best of Santa Fe” for Bed and Breakfast 2000- Reporter; Featured in Sunset Magazine “Snowy in Santa Fe” article Jan ’04 issue as well as the Santa Fean Magazine article “10 Best Santa Fe Accommodation” March ’04 issue; 2005 “Outstanding Inn of the Southwest”- bedandbreakfast.com; “Top Lodging” for Santa Fe- Sunset Oct ’10 issue; 2011, 2012, 2016 “Guest Favorite” bnbfinder.com; 2013, 2014, 2015 “Most Likely to Return” bnbfinder.com “Excellent” TripAdvisor 2011-16. Being named after such a wondrous historic site as Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon, Pueblo Bonito Bed & Breakfast Inn has had a big plate to fill. However, it appears that this quaint little Santa Fe B&B nestled in the heart of the old southwest, is indeed holding its own and has been a true delight to many of it’s patrons over the past 32+ years.

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Santa Fe New Mexico Spring Travel Idea: Day Trip from Santa to Albuquerque via Turquoise Trail

Turquoise Trail Sculpture garden on NM 14

Turquoise Trail – Santa Fe to Albuquerque Sunport in half a day or so (depends upon the amount of time you want to spend!).
Head South from Santa Fe on NM 14 toward the village of Cerrillos. On your journey down the Turquoise Trail (aka NM14)- deemed a National Scenic ByWay- you’ll enjoy the serenity of  beautiful New Mexico nature. Just before Cerrillos, NM, off to the left, you’ll see a 3 acre sculpture garden in the middle of nowhere with huge origami sculptures- though very odd in way- really beautiful. The Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden is a private residence nestled in what is now called the Little Garden of the Gods on Highway 14.  Towering rock formations encompass the sculpture garden, as visitors meander through the distinct southwest landscapes which create a dramatic backdrop for this exhibition.  Kevin Block (artists) contracts the relationship between white clouds and the predominately white artwork to evoke a sense of lightness and peace. A fun stop on this Santa Fe Spring Travel day trip from Santa Fe. This exhibit runs May-October (visit their website for more information). Climb back into your car as you’re just a short distance from Cerrillos. Cerrillos, NM is an interesting little stop (or drive thru) which consist of 59 family units per 2000 census and a total land mass of 1.4 sq. miles. It’s appearance is more of an abandoned movie set (though the movie “Young Guns” filmed in this area- it’s not abandoned) and offers visitors the opportunity to stop at the Mine Museum and petting zoo. More recently, buildings within this sleepy community have received plaques with historic information to document and provide visitors with understanding as to the significance this old west mining town played in US history. Continue down the Turquoise Trail (NM 14) toward Madrid, NM enjoying the winding paved scenic byway and natural beauty accentuated by the pristine blue skies of New Mexico. Madrid is always a fun place to stop for a visit and compliments Cerrillos, NM well as Madrid is nestled in the Ortiz Mountains within a narrow canyon. Madrid was once a booming coal mining town founded in 1895 by the Cerrillos Coal Mining Companies. When demand for coal withered around 1954, natural gas gradually replaced coal and the Cerrillos Coal mines ceased to operate leaving residents in need of new employment. Most residents moved away creating a ghost town for several years.

Madrid NM Mine Shaft               Tavern & Museum

Madrid was rediscovered in the early 1980’s when many east coast artists transplants to New Mexico discovered this sleepy little town and found land prices to be a steal! Madrid, NM is now a creative community with over 40 shops and galleries, several restaurants, a spa and museum. We love a stop off for an afternoon bite at the Mine Shaft Tavern and Museum- great green chile cheese burgers! As you continue down the Turquoise trail, you’ll find  Golden just before connecting to I-40.  In 1825, Golden, NM was the site of the first gold rush west of the Mississippi, before the California and Colorado gold rushes. Originally called Real de San Francisco, around 1880 several large mining companies moved in and changed the name to Golden.

Golden NM Trading Post

Why Just Stay in historic Santa Fe? Experience it at Pueblo Bonito Inn!

The yield was disappointing and the population dwindled. Mining is all but gone from the area, but Golden survives as an active rural community today. Next on the Turquoise Trail as you travel north you’ll see the Sandia Mountains and Cibola National Forest, a scenic and recreational paradise full of outdoor activities including bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, climbing and skiing. This beautiful area is home to a diverse collection of animals and plants; and birdwatchers come from around the world to witness the hawk and eagle migrations. From mid November through March three species of Rosy Finch call Sandia Crest home, making the area an ideal destination for bird-watchers. Just outside the community of Sandia Park, along the Sandia Crest National Scenic Byway, you’ll find Tinkertown Museum, a collection of one man’s life work that includes a hand carved animated miniature western town and a three-ring circus. Follow the Byway also called the “Crest Road”, through the beautiful Cibola National Forest. During the drive you’ll see incredible vistas and pass through five different life zones. The next stop is Cedar Crest, home to the Museum of Archaeology & Material Culture, where you can explore the story of North America’s earliest inhabitants. These mountains also boast an archaeological continuum of human activities from the end of the last Ice Age through the present. Tijeras is the exit from the Turquoise Trail and the bustling mountain communities along its path now join I-40 toward Albuquerque. Two canyons come together here and the area was first inhabited by pueblo Indians. Stop here at the Cibola National Forest office for information and brochures and visit the Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site. I-40 will take you west toward Albuquerque which will intersect with I-25 which takes you to the Albuquerque Sunport. This is a great alternative route to taking I-25 straight from Santa Fe to Albuquerque on a return home travel day. Folks with later in the day flights out of the Albuquerque Sunport might appreciate this route. Regardless the route, we sincerely appreciate the time you took touring and visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico and Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and appreciated our 156+ yr old historic adobe pueblo style accommodations located in a quiet prime downtown location- walk to restaurants, shops, galleries, historic sites and more from our front door step!! We invite Santa Fe travelers to give us a call when preparing your next visit to historic Santa Fe, NM! 1-800-461-4599   www.pueblobonitoinn.com



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Santa Fe Travel: Day Trips around Santa Fe – Jemez Mountains Trail

View of Frijole Canyon

View of Frijole Canyon

Santa Fe Day Trip to the Jemez Mountain Trail

Jemez Mountain Trail Directions – Follow US 84/285 north toward Pojoaque, then NM 502 west toward Los Alamos. NOTE: You will be going through several Northern New Mexico pueblo lands. First of which is the Tesuque Pueblo, next is the Pojoaque pueblo. When turning onto NM 502, you’ll pass  the Santa Clara pueblo (home to Puye Cliff Dwellings). San Ildefonso pueblo is off to your left on 502 as you pass by the exit to Bandelier  National Monument. NOTE: San Ildefonso Pueblo is home of Maria Martinez – famous black on black pot tress. Reserve a day tour to Bandelier National Monument for another day (but we highly recommend this fabulous place) when visiting Santa Fe as we prefer packaging Bandelier and San Ildefonso together on their own trip. You have so much to explore if following our suggestions through the Jemez mountain tour!

Fuller Lodge

Fuller Lodge

Continue on 502 into Los Alamos – we suggest a stop at Fuller Lodge Art Center and the Bradbury Science Museum. Both are close to each other and provide interesting facts and background information on World War II’s Manhattan project as well as highlights of Los Alamos National Labs research.

Get back into the car and head to NM 4 toward the Valles Calderas. It’s estimated that 1.25 million years ago, a spectacular volcanic eruption created the 13-mile wide circular depression now known as the Valles Caldera.  This now nature preserve is known for its huge mountain meadows, abundant wildlife, and meandering streams. The area also preserves the homeland of ancestral native peoples and embraces a rich ranching history. Exit off to the right for a quick stop at the ranger station which offers restrooms and interesting information and books for purchase. What might you see at Valles

Valles Caldera

Valles Caldera

Caldera you might ask? Well, the second largest elk population in New Mexico is home to this preserve. Other native residents include Gunnison prairie dogs, coyotes, badgers, black bears, Eastern mountain bluebirds, and golden eagles! Who knows what you’ll get an eye of on this once in a lifetime trip through the Jemez Mountain Trail!

Habitat preferences and seasonal cycles of movement determine, in a general sense, where a particular animal may be at a particular time. Early morning and evening hours are when animals tend to be feeding and thus are more easily seen. But remember that the numbers and variety of animals you see are largely a matter of luck and coincidence.

Continue on through some of the most vibrant and colorful mountain landscapes you’ll ever see in New Mexico until you arrive at the town of Jemez Springs. Here you can can soak your cares away in a public tub at the bathhouse built during the Victorian era. It’s a funky little village full of nice folks providing a perfect stopping spot to stretch your legs, take a photo and grab a quick refreshment.  As you continue NM 4 you will find the Jemez State Monument – now this is the place to stop! A site of covered in magnificent ancient Indian ruins with the Jemez Pueblo’s Walatowa Visitor Center telling the story of the site and it’s ancestors, their way of life, struggles and tenacity. Bring your camera as you’ll see an authentic Indian Horno, the historic Jemez church ruins boasting massively thick adobe wand river rock walls (5 ft thick), a real kiva (ceremonial underground gathering area) which you can actually climb down into!  It’s deep and gives you a thrill! No photography inside Kiva. This is something special as outsiders are not allowed into a kiva on any inhabited Native American Pueblo that we’re aware of.

Jemez Monument Kiva

Jemez Monument Kiva

So after exploring the Jemez State Monument, you might think that’s it! No way….. we still have the Gilman Tunnels! Exit 485 toward the Gilman Tunnels. You’ll wind around a paved road through incredible natural scenery, a canyon with vivid earth tone colors, sharp rock formations, which follows the Jemez River through this canyon to the tunnels! Gilman Tunnels were made for logging trucks to get loads down the mountains into nearby villages, towns, etc.  Enjoy the views as you drive and keep watch as you won’t want to miss a rock climber traversing the side of a cliff or mountain biker challenging themselves up this steep road into one of the most truly lovely areas of Northern New Mexico! It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss and should be planned to be seen during daylight hours. It’s one of our “favs” of all time while touring the Jemez Mountain trail from Santa Fe.

Gilman Tunnels

Gilman Tunnels



Take plenty of photos! When finished, climb back into the car and backtrack toward NM 4 (the way you came). Continue the same direction on NM 4 to NM 44 and drive south toward Bernalillo.  From Bernalillo head to I-25 S toward Santa Fe. Timewise you have about 45 minutes to get back into Santa Fe, then about 10 minutes after exiting onto Old Pecos Trail to return home to Pueblo Bonito b&b inn! It’s been quit a trip- one you’ll be glad you made and will remember forever fondly. We  highly recommended this Jemez Mountain day trip for return visitors- folks who’ve already explored the unique and historic culture that Santa Fe offers. This is perfect for Santa Fe return travelers who desire to do something completely different than they’ve done on previous Santa Fe travel visits. We hope you’ve enjoyed this day long tour as you should note- it’s best to get an early start! We hope you’d plan on joining us for breakfast at 8:00 am the day of this planned day trip and

Gorgeous Landscape Scenery of Northern New Mexico

Gorgeous Landscape Scenery of Northern New Mexico

enjoy a hearty breakfast of red chile pork tamales and green chile chicken stew! Two popular favorites of the guests of Pueblo Bonito b&b inn- Santa Fe. Breakfast begins at 8:00 am sharp served with warm authentic New Mexico hospitality at Pueblo Bonito b&b inn – just the way you want to begin this exciting and memorable Jemez Mountain day tour from Santa Fe New Mexico. If you’re a reading this blog and making plans for Santa Fe travel, we invite you to give our 156 yr old historic adobe pueblo bed and breakfast a try! Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast has served thousands of Santa Fe travelers for over 32 years and have a great track record for returning guests. In fact, our inn was voted “Guest Favorite” out of 2800 properties by over 18,000 visitors from the US and Canada! Authentic historic Santa Fe lodging with a sincere welcoming atmosphere, reflective of our unique cultures, traditions and history of the old southwest. 1-800-461-4599. We hope you enjoyed this blog and hope to see you soon!

Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast - Pueblo Bonito Inn

Santa Fe’s Best Kept Secret. Pueblo Bonito b&b inn- Experts in historic Santa Fe Travel.

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Day Trips From Santa Fe New Mexico: Santa Fe Trail

No steering you wrong! Day Trip the Santa Fe way!

Day Trips around Santa Fe are highly recommended to guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn Santa Fe. We emphasize the need for  new comers to first to explore and acclimate themselves to the City Different (Santa Fe). It’s history rich museums and cultural sites, beautiful art, world  class galleries and shops,  interesting people and of course the uniquely distinctive cuisine are what make Santa Fe, New Mexico’s travel destination. Guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn Santa Fe can occupy vacation time for 3 months straight with suggestions by our staff to see and experience inside the City and outside by use of day trips around Santa Fe.  As I write this, we are in mid-winter with Spring travel just around the corner. This sequence of day trips around Santa Fe blogs are perfect for anytime of year. This particular writing was meant for suggestions on cold day to encourage driving exploration but also great for spring break and spring break family travelers! So please don’t limit your day trip fun in and around Santa Fe New Mexico to just Santa Fe Winter Travel or New Mexico Spring Break travel- enjoy any time of year!

Glorieta Pass by Schlacht von Courtesy of National Park Service

Santa Fe Trail– Leave Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn, travel south on historic Old Santa Fe trail (turns into Old Pecos trail) to I-25. Head North and exit at “Pecos” then go northeast through Glorietta pass (NOTE:  civil war battle fought here- marker and historic adobe fort viewable along route). Follow signage to Pecos National Historical park to view Pecos Pueblo ruins and Spanish mission church along with some spectacular New Mexico natural beauty. The Pecos wilderness is a fun addition to this day trip as fishing is

Pecos Monument Ruins

Pecos National Historic Park Ruins

ideal. If you head north toward Cowels NM you’ll pass a fish hatchery as well as Dalton Canyon (remember that name? Dalton- the gang of outlaws associated with Billy the kid.) Going to Cowels will take you off Santa Fe Trail, but is an alternative day trip to broadened the adventure travel experience we offer to guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast Santa Fe. Leaving  Pecos National Historical park, if you follow I-25 to Las Vegas (NM) you’ll find Old West attractions to include period architecture, antique stores, restaurants and services, as well as the Rough Rider Museum. Las Vegas, NM is the epitome of the old west. The “Santa Fe ring” was a group of powerful attorneys and land speculators in this area of the United States during the late 19th century and into the early 20th century. It amassed a fortune through political corruption and fraudulent land deals. Hangings were commonly held on the historic Las Vegas plaza which is today conveniently located across from the historic Plaza hotel. We suggest stopping for an afternoon refreshment in the bar at the plaza or having a bite to eat at the nearby El Rillito salon on main street! Take NM 518

La Cueva Mill

north to Storrie Lake which offers fishing, boating, and windsurfing- not a real scenic lake but water in New Mexico is precious and we’re always grateful for it- anyway we can get it. NM 518 winds into tall mountains and has plenty of interesting stops in villages to take advantage of. La Cueva, NM is one of our favorites as it’s home to Salmon Raspberry Ranch. The

Old La Cueva Mill is viewable with a maze of sandstone walls on the land behind the mill which once housed mill workers and their families.  NM 75 descends into the village of Penasco- an area rich in wildlife, vegetation and beauty. Take NM 76 back to US 85/285 and South to Santa Fe.  This day trip as described above is a “Day” trip, but can be dissected and enjoyed many an afternoon to completely enjoy all the elements available to the Santa Fe day trip traveler!



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Valentine’s Day Defined for Santa Fe New Mexico Travelers

Heart made of rose petalsEach year on February 14th, many people envision an exchange of cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their specially loved “valentine” in celebration of Valentine’s Day. But did you know that the day of romance we refer to as Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century? Or did you know that it’s origin is in the Roman holiday Lupercalia? Possibly not. What you probably did know is it’s a special day you set aside  to let those we care for in an extra special way know they are …. well, “special”, “loved”, “cared for”!  The means in which we show this sincere gesture of affection comes in many different forms. Maybe a card! Did you know that nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentine’s Day? Doesn’t sound so special when you know that now – does it? How about chocolates?

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

Did you know  more than 40,000 American are employed at chocolate companies?  Well, that’s a good reason to buy you sweetheart sweets … or is that the sentiment you want to convey?   How about a poem that helps describe how you really feel? Did you know authors, poets and playwrights have been trying to capture love in words for thousands of years? Their work speaks to the enduring power of love across the ages of human history!   Quotes about love come from some of the world’s most famous romantics like   Shakespeare, who wrote 154 sonnets dealing with love, time, beauty and mortality, to famed Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda. So how are you going top that? Well, maybe you can’t, but you do need to try – don’t let this opportunity, this special day set aside to specifically say what you want to say pass you by. Pick a card, chocolates, a poem or whatever – just make sure this special opportunity doesn’t go without notice – Valentine’s Day!

Things To Do For Valentine’s Day In Santa Fe

We welcome all romantics, non-romantics and just plain nice folks to Pueblo Bonito b&b  for Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 14th or 12th or 18th of February – give the gift of yourself! Take time to be! Take time to be with that special someone – walk the historic streets of Santa Fe; take a ski day at Ski Santa Fe; climb into a cliff dwelling at Bandelier National Monument; hike the slot canyon of Tent Rocks Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast with fireplace in every room.National Monument; explore Meow Wolf’s exhibit or the Georgia O’Keeffe  museum or whatever you want while taking time to be together in romantic Santa Fe! Cuddle up and watch the romantic flickering glow of your own in-room wood burning kiva fireplace at a 156 yr old historic adobe pueblo b&b- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn- in downtown Santa Fe! After all, there are so many things to do in Santa Fe, there’s got to be something each of you would enjoy!  Give us a call – let us help make your Valentine’s Day memorable and fun – enjoy a night away at Pueblo Bonito b&b inn!      +1 (800) 461-4599

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Things To Do in Santa Fe: February Edition

February Santa Fe Travel

February is traditionally a slower time for Santa Fe travelers. Values are exceptional for February Santa Fe travel as deals, bargains and special are abundant! However travel to Santa Fe in February also brings three distinct events to mind: a groundhog that is hoped not to see his own shadow February 2nd, Presidents day on February 24 and of course that celebration of love- Valentines Day! Not s bad set for a short month.  February in Santa Fe means also highlights three special events: Santa Fe Restaurant Week,  ARTFeast, and Art of Home Tour.

Restaurant Martin

Santa Fe Restaurant Week begins Sunday, February 19th and continues through Sunday, February 26th. Marking it’s 8th season, Santa Fe Restaurant Week 2017 features 47 restaurants- the biggest Santa Fe Restaurant Week to date! Perfect opportunity for February Santa Fe travelers to expand tasting of popular Santa Fe restaurants – trying a new one or stay true to your old favorite- and take advantage of special prix fixe meal pricing. Additionally, Restaurant Week offers special culinary events including: Tequila Experience, Pie Making, Culiary Cocktails, even Cooking with Kids! Participating restaurants and events are listed on Santa Fe Restaurant Week Event page website.

Santa Fe ARTFeast celebrates 20 years on Saturday, February 25th and goes thru Sunday, February 26th . ARTsmart is the non-profit funding organization for Santa Fe ARTFeast who sponsors this wonderful food-centric weekend. Proceeds go to Santa Fe public schools art programs as they have for the past 26 years!  You Will Be Served is title for main foodie event- a gala dinner and auction on February 27th at 6:00 pm. Location of You Will Be Served will be at Old House Restaurant – easy walk from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn.  Discount lodging available to attendees by Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn in support of local Santa Fe youth and arts. BOOK DIRECT for best pricing. NOTE: Anne Hillerman author of the Joe Leaphorn series, daughter to Tony Hillerman, is Honorary Chair with Melinda K. Hall as Honorary Artist. Local chefs represent two of Santa Fe finest restaurants: the Santacafe and the Old House. The evening feast will begin with hors d’oeuvres, followed by a three entrée choice course, with dessert course prepared and served by Santa Fe High School Culinary Arts Students. One highlight fundraising event is an auction of dishes and placemats made by Santa Fe Public School fifth graders. This event is  appropriately titled I Made It! The Auction competition for these whimsical plates is very fun and popular. Vases are to be added this year as well and made by Santa Fe students. Tickets prices for this fun February Travel event are $200.

Art of Home Tour takes place Saturday & Sunday, February 25-26, 2017, 12-4 pm at locations throughout Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. Admission is free! 15 REMARKABLE RESIDENCES are on tour for 2017. This is an ARTsmart fundraising event and thus supporters are treated to houses that cover the gamut of artful living in the City Different and Santa Fe county. If you’re a February Santa Fe traveler and interested in Santa Fe Real Estate or Homes, this might be a fun, stressful event to participate in while supporting the local youth of Santa Fe

Discounts on February Santa Fe Travel available at Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn  Santa Fe! Click here.

Valentines Day and President Day Special Pricing for Direct Bookings too! 1-800-461-4599

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Ever thought about Solo travel? Might be something to consider. Are you an individual who would enjoy a great historic Santa Fe New Mexico leisure travel experience? One that caters exclusively to your own personal indulgences, curiosity, needs of enrichment in New Mexico cultural experiences? Might be something to consider!

Art lovers rejoice in Santa Fe!

Destination -Santa Fe! Combine this ever popular Southwest solo travel destination with a one of kind historic Santa Fe lodging experience like Inn at Pueblo Bonito!  After all Santa Fe provides the perfect opportunity for solo travel be it spring, summer, fall, or winter! Pueblo Bonito Inn- Santa Fe provides uniquely reflective historic New Mexico accommodations highlighting native architecture and culture, diverse history  (156 years to be exact) with each guest room’s décor individualized. A stellar downtown Santa Fe location convenient to walking historic streets like the Old Santa Fe trail, visit major historic sites like Loretto Chapel, dine in top Santa Fe restaurants like Restaurant Martin or Pink Adobe, immerse oneself in the uniqueness only Santa Fe offers to all travelers but is accentuated for the solo traveler! Whether visiting one day or several – Santa Fe, New Mexico is THE southwest destination solo travelers want to experience.

“Tapas” Santa Fe flavor bites!

Like art, opera, history? Like skiing, hiking, exploring areas you’ve never been before? How about shopping, browsing, wine tasting or exploring the beauty of nature? Santa Fe, New Mexico and Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast Santa Fe are a solo traveler dream! So, how do you know solo travel might be for you? Well, do you like to travel? If so, are you a traveler who’s yearned to simply get away, spend quiet time alone, break the monotony of daily tasks- even for a short time- just to rest, relax, recreate and be yourself at your own pace? Sound inviting? The lure of noone else to consider or need to accommodate within a schedule- just your personal preferences! Choosing the food you’d like savor, the museum you want to spend hours in, making up the time frame to retire or rise up in the morning! Sound selfish? Actually, solo travel has shown to be very beneficial –even therapeutic to an person’s soul, mind, body and emotional health- benefits those close to you would appreciate! The following is a quote by author Kristen Tice who wrote “Traveling Alone Does Not Make You Sad or Lonely”:

“I travel solo several months out of the year, and I am of the firm belief that you truly have not lived if you have not been out on the road alone. It is life altering, educational and enriching, and wildly freeing.”

Karen writes of her experiences traveling solo and offers honest, useful insight for solo women travel.

8 pueblos and 4 National Monuments all 40 minutes or less from Pueblo Bonito b&b inn

For decades bed and breakfasts have been a choice for solo travelers on business. We believe bed and breakfasts are also wonderful choices for the adventurous, confident and independent solo traveler- whether woman or man! We as innkeepers for the past 32 years feel best equipped to offer a variety of informed choices for dining, shopping, entertainment, historical places and sites, day trips and outdoor activities in and around Northern New Mexico- especially Santa Fe. We are THE BEST at making travel experiences personalized and easily accessible for all our guests. We know the hidden gems of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico!” says Amy Behm of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast Santa Fe.

Santa Fe offers 400+ years of rich southwestern USA history for solo travelers and provides a smaller city atmosphere with a safer, welcoming environment to experience. Santa Fe New Mexico is the perfect walking city too! Well known for it’s friendly and welcoming locals it’s no wonder Santa Fe New Mexico is consistently in the top of multiple USA travel rankings. A leader in southwest USA destination popularity, Santa Fe always has a deep and diverse pool of people to meet and encounter- always a fun experience for a solo traveler!

Whatever reason one chooses solo travel to New Mexico, Santa Fe- it’s highly recommend to compliment your travel experience with authentic historic accommodations that are unique and memorable. Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast has been voted Santa Fe guest’s favorite by over 18,000 visitors and 2,800+ properties in the US and Canada! We welcome all our guests, strive to take good care of you, help make the most out of your travel time, and provided real authentic historic adobe pueblo-style accommodations in downtown Santa Fe! Great  value. Great people. Great accommodations! Let us help you make the most our of your New Mexico travel.

Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.


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Free Kids Activities for the Santa Fe Spring Break!

Santa Fe Spring Break Family TravelSanta Fe Spring Break planning? Don’t miss out! Santa Fe New Mexico is THE Southwest Spring Break Destination spot for 2017!  Not only is there 400+ yrs of southwest US History which includes 4 National Monuments (Bandelier National Monument, Pecos National Monument, Valles Caldera National Preserve, Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument) within a 40 minute drive from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn, but the City of Santa Fe itself is gearing up for all age Family Travel! Check out the  following Kids Free Spring Break Santa Fe Travel Specials!   Don’t limit yourself or your family to just these “specials” as Santa Fe is an excellent place to gather, explore, hike, ski, tour any day of the year! Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast specializes in historic Santa Fe travel experiences by providing the most authentic adobe pueblo-style Santa Fe lodging for spring break or anytime of the year travel! Enjoy.


Free Kids (10 & U) Meal at 5 Star Burgers   

Green Chile Cheese Burger!

Free kids meal and drink for children 10 and under!


  • Contact Name:Carter Wallis
  • Contact Phone: 505-983-8977
  • Contact Email: carterwallis0412@gmail.com

Offer Description: Five Star Burgers: A local chain that uses only the freshest ingredients and highest quality products, will be offering free kids meals with drink, to children 10 and under. Bring the family and enjoy our wonderful selection of delicious hamburgers, salads, and sandwiches! We look forward to being a part of your Santa Fe adventure

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Children must be accompanied by paying adult.


racoonWildlife West Nature Park in Edgewood, NM  

One free kids admission with each paid adult at Wildlife West Nature Park during Santa Fe’s Kids Free Spring Break promotion!


  • Contact Name: Roger Alink
  • Contact Phone: 505-281-7655
  • Contact Email: info@wildlifewest.org

Offer Description: For each paid adult or senior admission, you will receive one free kids admission. Tell us at the gate that you want the Santa Fe Kids Free Spring break promotion. Regular admission prices are adults $9, seniors $7, students $5 and children 5 and under are always free! Visit with our new cougars Zia and True and our three new coyotes, Chewy, Luna and Dakota. Plus, our Kids Interactive Trail is fun for the whole family!

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Offer is not available with any other discounts; March 1- April 15, 2017.

Free Youth Flamenco Dance IMG_5471

Free Youth Flamenco Dance & Percussion for children ages 7-12! COME & JOIN THE FUN!!!!!!


  • Contact Name: Stephanie Ramirez
  • Contact Phone: 505-209-1302
  • Contact Email: entreflamenco@entreflamenco.com

Offer Description: Free for kids ages 7-12. Classes: Mon, Tues & Wed, 4:30pm-5:30pm. No prior experience necessary! Classes held at Santa Fe School of Flamenco operated by Entreflamenco and located at 135 W. Palace 2nd floor. Information call (505)209-1302 or visit www.entreflamenco.com

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Free through April 15, 2017!


kitemakingKIDS VISIT FOR FREE- Museum of International Folk Art


  • Contact Name: Laura Lovejoy-May
  • Contact Phone: (505) 476-1200
  • Contact Email: laura.lovejoy-may@state.nm.us

Offer Description: A Common Bond contains folk art, toys and miniatures from over 100 different countries on six continents; if you miss the walk in tour, pick up a gallery guide or multi-media tour at the front desk. Flamenco From Spain to New Mexico includes costumes, playbills, records, video clips and more; interactive castanets and costume area, footwork and percussion area are good family fun for all ages. All by Museum admission: New Mexico Residents FREE the first Sunday of each month. New Mexico resident seniors 60 & up FREE on WEDNESDAYS; kids 16 and under always FREE!

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Adult single museum admission is $12.00 per person; or purchase a Culture Pass for one admission to 15 Museums and Historic sites throughout the state within a calendar year for $30. Group rates available. Available during open hours only: The Museum is open 10am to 5pm Tuesdays through Sundays. KIDS ARE FREE!


Child <12 Free w/Adult at Cacao Santa Fe

Chocolate Lovers Delight!

Chocolate Lovers Delight!

Family love chocolate? Treat your child to an experience of fine chocolate beyond the wrapper at our 3000 sf chocolate factory, boutique and cafe. It’s educational, entertaining and fun for the entire family.


  • Contact Name: Melanie Boudar
  • Contact Phone: 5054710891
  • Contact Email: cacaosantafe@gmail.com

Offer Description: Our 2 hour long “Food of the Gods” workshop features making a chocolate drink from scratch using roasted beans and small hand tools; learning ancient Mayan/Aztec history; tasting 7 unique chocolates from around the globe! All ages can participate!.

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Children 12 and under free with paying adult.

Kids Ski Free on Wednesdays at Santa Fe Ski Company:Yellow Skier

**Buy 2 Adult Full Day Lift Tickets and Get 1 Child (12 and under) Lift ticket Free**


  • Contact Name: Candy Dejoia
  • Contact Phone: 505-992-5082
  • Contact Email: info@skisantafe.com

Offer Description: “Wednesdays in March Kids Ski Free” **Buy 2 Adult Full Day Lift Tickets and Get 1 Child (12 and under) Lift ticket Free** Redemption Coupon Required (www.santafe.org) Wednesdays Only – March 1, 2017 thru March 29, 2017 Child Lift Ticket – Age 12 and younger Not Valid with any other discounted offer (this includes the Peak Plus Card) Not valid at Chipmunk Corner No Cash Value, not for resale, no refunds

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Not Valid with any other discounted offer (this includes the Peak Plus Card) Not valid at Chipmunk Corner No Cash Value, not for resale, no refunds


IMG_0547Canyon Road Gallery Tour- Santa Fe Art Tours

An interactive gallery tour designed with younger arts enthusiasts in mind!

One child per paying adult is free.


  • Contact Name: Elaine
  • Contact Phone: 505-985-5298
  • Contact Email: elaine@santafearttours.com

Offer Description: Our kid-friendly Canyon Road gallery tour is perfect for families wanting to learn more about art and have a unique cultural experience. As with all of our tours, conversation is key. We will visit three Canyon Road art galleries and take part in close-looking activities that encourage visual literacy and engagement with art. We’ll interact with unique and colorful digital art, meet an artist, and explore materials and media. (Adults will totally have fun, too!)

Pricing Info & Restrictions: One child per paying adult is free. To redeem this discount, must mention promo code “Kids Free” when calling or emailing us to book your tour!


All ages enjoy the creativity of art!

Shirley A Crow Creative Family Art Fun!

Offer Description: Kids 8-18 create art for free with their parents at Shirley Crow Creativity Workshops during Spring Break in artists private studio. Free up your inner artist with award-winning artist Shirley Crow! Paint a small canvas to take home while exploring your creativity. Shirley Crow taught a creativity workshop at Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and taught art to elementary students. Her work has been exhibited at museums and galleries around the U.S. and Europe. Have fun together while encouraging your children to explore and honor their creativity!

  • Contact Name: Shirley Crow
  • Contact Phone: 505-577-5219
  • Contact Email: shirleycrow@shirleycrow.com

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Kids 8-18 free; March 1 – April 15, 2017. Parents $95.00 for 2 hr workshop.

Free Skateboard Lesson- Skate School skateboard

FREE Private skateboard lesson for Kids with purchase of any complete board to help them get started or to improve skills they already have. Lesson comes with own personalized skateboard ‘homework’ too- $30 value!


  • Contact Name: Joe Lehm
  • Contact Phone: 505-474-0074
  • Contact Email: skateschoolsantafe@gmail.com

Offer Description: Skateboard School is for skateboarders of all ages and abilities. Our indoor facility features a 36 ft wide bowled ramp, quarter pipes, banks, boxes, street terrain and a skateboard museum. We offer group or private lessons for all ages, Summer Camps, Race Camps, Field Trips and Instructor Training. We have a complete skate shop with largest selection of boards and safety gear in Santa Fe.

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Offer good with the purchase of any complete skateboard, the free lesson may be done at the time of purchase or within a week of purchase date.


Award Winning Wines at Estrella del Norte Winery

Fun! Cork Art for Kids! Estrella Del Norte Vineyard

Kids have fun making a one of kind “cork art” project FREE while parents wine taste at “Estrella Del Norte Vineyard – Santa Fe’s #1 Vineyard Winery!


  • Contact Name: Eileen Reinders
  • Contact Phone: 505-455-2826
  • Contact Email: ednvwine@gmail.com

Offer Description: It’s fun to recycle, re-design and reuse corks in a creative art project! Children visiting Estrella Del Norte Vineyard with their parents will enjoy making a fun craft from our corks while their parents enjoy a wine tasting! Offer valid for 1 child per $6 wine tasting parent.

Pricing Info & Restrictions: March 1 – April 15, 2017 during winery hours


KIDS (10& Under) EAT FREE at L’Olivier – Coupon at Restaurant L’Olivier website.seafood pasta


  • Contact Name: Nathalie Bonnard
  • Contact Phone: 505-989-1919
  • Contact Email: natbonnard@hotmail.com

Offer Description: Restaurant L’Olivier FREE Kids Menu offer: – Soup or Salad of the day – Steak Frites or – Seafood Pasta or – Pork Chop and Sweet Potato Purée – Caramel Flan or – Milk Chocolate Mousse or – Ice Cream or Sorbet

Pricing Info & Restrictions: Kids (10 and under) eat free with each adult entrée purchase during Santa Fe Spring Break: March 1 – April 15, 2017


KIDS OF ALL AGES FREE at Randall Davey Audubon Center:

Downing Woodpecker

Downing Woodpecker

Weekly Events:

Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Enjoy our hiking trails and gardens. Our trails lead through several different habitats and plant zones ranging from meadows to Ponderosa Pine forests. Bring your binoculars and cameras, but please leave your dogs at home. FREE!

8:30 AM every Saturday, Bird walks lead by local experts, FREE!

2:00 PM every Friday, Docent-led tours of the historic Randall Davey House and Studio, $5.00.   Santa Fe’s only nature center has an unexpected artistic past. Every Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM take a trip back in time and join a docent-led tour of the historic Davey House and Studio, preserved in its original state from the mid 1900’s. Keep an eye out for original furnishings, mural paintings and the prohibition-era hidden bar!


Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Spring Break Lodging Package: Pueblo Bonito bed & breakfast inn

  • FREE Parking for paying customers. One spot per room booked.
  • FREE Breakfast
  • FREE Cookies
  • FREE WiFi inside room and grounds
  • FREE Walk to plaza, restaurants, galleries, museums, Canyon Rd, etc!!
  • FREE a Southwest Souvenir for kids under 10.

Make your Historic Southwest Santa Fe Spring Break THE MOST Memorable for your family!  Create a one of a kind experience as you engulf yourself in a unique, authentic historic adobe pueblo-style lodging accommodation that highlights the distinctive Native American culture you’ve come to experience! Take a trip to Bandelier National Monument; Pecos National Monument; Tent Rock National Monument- all three no more than 40 minutes from our doorstep. Return after an incredible day of historic hiking, touring and exploring to the most unique and memorable Santa Fe accommodations- Pueblo Bonito bed & breakfast! Enjoy our famous red chile tamales and secret home recipe green chile stew along with a buffet of other breakfast offerings each morning. Walk to the plaza, canyon rd, rail yard, museums, restaurants and more!  Our two foot thick adobe walls will impress you and your whole family! BOOK NOW for best selection and rates: 1-800-461-4599


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Santa Fe December Travel Events

Santa Fe Community Orchestra Performances

December Santa Fe Travel events offer visitors easy opportunities to create memorable and affordable travel package. Free performances  by the Santa Fe Community Orchestra occur throughout the year, but this year we highlight the following two. Each season, Santa Fe Community Orchestra presents five free concerts of classical favorites, rarely heard repertoire, accessible  contemporary works and world premieres of compositions by New Mexico composers.  On December 2nd at 7:00 pm, the Santa Fe Community Orchestra proudly presents:


Educate Your Ear
Erkki Melartin: Greatness in the Shadow of Sibelius

in James A. Little Theater
on New Mexico School for the Deaf Campus 

Enjoy the musical talents of the Santa Fe Community Orchestra as they explore the first movement of Erkki Melartin’s fabulous, rarely performed Symphony No. 5- premier in 1916!  Melartin wrote music rich in expression, romantic on the edge of modernism and full of lyrical melodies and rousing climaxes.   Oliver’s engaging, informative commentary with musical illustrations by Santa Fe Community Orchestra takes one inside the music and the life  and times of this wonderful, undiscovered Finnish composer- followed by a complete performance of the first movement.  Free Admission, Donations Appreciated

Educate Your Ear – it will change the way you hear!

Free Concert Series- Santa Fe Community Orchestra

Next, on our Santa Fe December Travel Event Calander the Santa Fe Community Orchestra Winter Concert on 4th at 2:30 pm:

Melartin: Symphony No. 5 (Sinfonia brevis), Op. 90

Márquez: Danzón No. 2

Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez
Roberto Capocchi, guitar

in James A. Little Theater
on New Mexico School for the Deaf Campus 

Free Admission, Donations Appreciated

Yellow Skier

Ski Santa Fe opens Saturday, December 3rd

Snow falls have been delayed this season, but the enjoyment of incredibly beautiful fall days have been great- no complaints here! December is upon now and it’s time to wax your skiis because Ski Santa Fe opens officially December 2nd! Though all slopes will not be open many are: Midland, Easy Street, Pine Flats and the Chipmunk Corner Children’s Center have 20” of natural and manmade snow as of this writing.  The Super Chief Quad Chairlift, Easy Street Beginner Chairlift, Pine Flats Conveyor Lift, and Chipmunk Corner Conveyor lift will also be open. Other facilities including La Casa Lodge, La Casa Café, Ski Santa Fe Sports Shop, Ski & Snowboard Rental Shop, BAZ Coffee Bar and Totemoff’s Bar and Grill will be ready to accommodate skiiers and provide a great outdoor snow experience. Join the folks at the Snow Sports School and Chipmunk Corner Children’s Center for a ski or snowboard lesson and get everyone’s season started right! We look forward to seeing everyone on the mountain. Just a 16 mile drive from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn in downtown historic Santa Fe New Mexico- give us a call 1-800-4621-4599 for the BEST WINTER LODGING PACKAGE IN DOWNTOWN SANTA FE!

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day of the week, for more information log on to www.skisantafe.com


Adult All Day  $62
Adult w/ Peak Plus Card  $37
Student  All Day  $53
Student w/Peak Plus Card  $28
Child All Day  $48
Child w/Peak Plus Card  $23
Senior All Day  $50
Senior w/Peak Plus Card  $25
Military All Day  $59
AM or PM ½ Day  $50
2 Day Adult  $124

*Prices are subject to change at any time as additional terrain opens.


Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn specializes in Santa Fe Travel for guests wanting an authentic historic New Mexico Lodging experience. Our property, located in prime downtown Santa Fe, embodies the architecture, culture and cuisine Santa Fe is famous for!  Create a one of a kind historic Northern New Mexico adventure vacation to Santa Fe by headquartering your lodging at Pueblo Bonito b&b inn. Voted “Guest Favorite” from over 2800 properties with in the US and Canada! There is no end to what we can do to make your Santa Fe visit an authentic historic New Mexico Travel adventure. Call us 1-800-461-4599 for reservations and best rates book direct!


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Our Location

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Located in Santa Fe's historic downtown district. A 5-minute walk to the plaza!

(800) 461-4599


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Suites: $115 - $230


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