Santa Fe Travel – Northern New Mexico Pueblo Feast Day Calendar

Taos Pueblo photo: wikipedia

Taos Pueblo photo: wikipedia

Pueblo Feast Days Calendar and Events

Santa Fe is THE place for visitors to centralize and set up their Northern New Mexico travel base when planning out their exploration adventures. New Mexico travelers can maximize their exposure and convenience to nearby Pueblos for viewing and experiencing first hand cultural Pueblo opportunities as well as take advantage of 4 National Monuments near by. There are 19 Pueblos that exist in and around Northern New Mexico- Santa Fe. Each Pueblo observes sacred ceremonial Feast Days and Religious Events throughout the year. Native American Pueblo people generously allow us (respectful outsiders) to attend some of the sacred rituals and events throughout the calendar year. When traveling to Santa Fe or through New Mexico we highly recommend taking advantage of these special opportunities. Take time to enjoy and view one of the special Northern New Mexico Pueblo events, but emphasize visitor courtesy!

Pecos Pueblo Mission Church & RuinsObserve all Pueblo Rules of Etiquette when a visitor on Native American pueblo or village community as they are just like your own neighborhood! Visitors should realize this is “life” for the Northern New Mexico Pueblo people- not a “display” for visitor entertainment. Pueblo people are “allowing” you to join them in their family and/or culture. If visitors regard these ceremonial opportunities as such, they should understand courtesies necessary such as: 1. No photography; 2. Render Natives prime viewing/sitting locations (remember you’re the guest-treat your host with humility and respect). If you’re not sure what the rules are, please inquire at the Tourism Offices for each Pueblo.

Looking to take advantage of your Santa Fe vacation opportunities? Want to plan to attend a Pueblo Feast Day event?  Santa Fe’s most popular and longest consecutively running

Click “More” for Calendar of Events.  …

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Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.

Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.

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Calendar Of Over 60 Santa Fe Events, Native American Feast Days, and Pueblo Dances


TIP: Confirm all dates, activities, events before attending. Contact pueblos directly. Information current as of writing.

Native American dance- Santa Fe Festivals

Native American dances at Santa Fe Plaza


Most events allowed for viewing are considered sacred so follow any/all posted rules of etiquette for each ceremony and pueblo. Pueblo tourism offices also provide visitors with pueblo rules- check out their websites.

  1. Photography is usually forbidden- so don’t take photos!
  2. No applause- remember these are meaningful dances to the pueblo people- not entertainment.
  3. Refrain from asking specific questions about the dances, their ceremonial dress etc. Compliments are appreciated- “beautiful ceremony”.
  4. Feast Days are annual events and usually on date given unless otherwise specified.
  5. When choosing a viewing place, give up the “prime” locations to the native people- be courteous to them as you are visiting- they are there for a meaningful reason for which the pueblo people are required to attend. (shade, chairs, etc- offer to them).
  6. IF offered to enter a pueblo home, accept! This would be a huge compliment and make certain you eat what is offered.
Romanticly Different!

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1st: Canes Transfer to New Tribal Officials (Ushering in New Government officials)

Various dances at most Pueblos; Taos Pueblo – Turtle Dance; Santo Domingo Pueblo – Corn Dance; San Juan Pueblo – Cloud or Basket Dance.

6th: King’s Day Celebration – Honoring New Pueblo Tribal Officials

Picuris Pueblo – various dances; Nambe Pueblo – Buffalo, Deer & Antelope Dances; Sandia & Santo Domingo Pueblos – various dances; Taos Pueblo – Deer & Buffalo Dances; Most of these Pueblos open to the public.

22nd: San Ildefonso Pueblo: Vespers evening with firelight procession. 6pm – Contact the pueblo to confirm.

23rd: San Ildefonso Pueblo Annual Feast Day: Buffalo, Comanche & Deer Dances.

25th: St. Paul’s Feast Day: Picuris Pueblo & San Juan Pueblo Annual Feast Day


1st or 2nd Weekend: Governor’s Feast – Old Acoma Pueblo – various dances; San Juan Pueblo – Deer Dances

2nd: Candelaria Day Celebration: San Felipe & Picuris Pueblos

Carne Adovada- a Pueblo Feast Day favorite!

Carne Adovada- a Pueblo Feast Day favorite!

MARCH:  NOTE: Mid-March to Mid-April: Taos Pueblo Closed

19th: St. Joseph’s Feast Day: Laguna Pueblo (Old Laguna) Harvest Dance & Various Dances.


Easter Weekend: Basket and Corn Dances at most Pueblos

Easter Sunday: Nambe Pueblo – Bow & Arrow Dance after Mass; Zia Pueblo & San Ildefonso (Sun & Mon) – various dances;

Santo Domingo Pueblo – Corn Dance


1st: St. Philip Annual Feast Day: San Felipe Pueblo – Corn Dance.

3rd: Santa Cruz Feast Day: Taos Pueblo, Blessing of the Fields & Corn Dance and Traditional Foot Races.

7th: Santa Maria Feast Day: Acoma Pueblo.

Memorial Day Weekend: Annual Jemez Pueblo Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show & Powwow.


First Saturday of the Month: Blessing of the Fields at Tesuque Pueblo – Corn Dance

June 13th: San Antonio Annual Feast Day – Sandia Pueblo & Taos Pueblo & San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Pueblo- Corn Dances;

Santa Clara Pueblo – Comanche (Buffalo) Dance; Picuris Pueblo – Children’s foot race.

June 16th – 17th: (Father’s Day weekend): Picuris Pueblo – High Country Arts & Crafts Festival

June 23rd: San Juan Pueblo/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo – Vespers, Foot Race and Buffalo Dance.

24th: St. John Bautista Annual Feast Day: San Juan Pueblo/Ohkay Owingeh – Corn Dance, Buffalo Dance; Taos Pueblo – Corn Dance.

29th: San Pedro Feast Day- Corn Dance: Santa Ana Pueblo & Santo Domingo. – Corn Dance

Traditional Tamales- welcomed treats in Pueblo culture.

Traditional Tamales- welcomed treats in Pueblo culture.


4th: Celebration at the Waterfall – Nambe Pueblo. Call to confirm! (505) 455-2036

2nd Weekend of July.  Taos Pueblo Annual Intertribal Pow-Wow (575) 758-1028

14th: San Bonaventura Feast Day: Cochiti Pueblo – Corn Dance.

 3rd weekend of July: Annual Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Fair –

San Juan/Okay Owingeh Pueblo. (505) 852-4400

25th: Santiago Feast Day:Taos – Corn Dance.

26th: Santa Ana Annual Feast Day Santa Ana Pueblo & Taos Pueblo – Various dances. Laguna (Seama village) – Harvest & Various Dances.

 July or August (date to be determined each year): Zuni Pueblo Arts and Cultural Expo. Zuni, N.M. Call (505)782-7238 for dates.


 Annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial at Red Rock State Park by Gallup, NM. Activities: Rodeo, parade, dances, arts and crafts, native food, golf tournament, auction etc. Red Rock is 200 miles from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast Santa Fe a gr 505.863.3896 or http://theceremonial.com

 Zuni Pueblo Arts and Cultural Expo. Either  in July or August.  Zuni, N.M. (505)782-7238

Santa Fe Indian Market. Each August 20, 21, 2017. Traditionally held the third weekend each August on Santa Fe Plaza (easy walk from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn). Native American artists and craftspeople from all over North America exhibit work for juried competitions and purchase. Activities include Native dances, music, costumes, food, craft sales, etc.  http://swaia.org or (505) 983-5220.

2nd: San Persingula Feast Day – Annual Feast Day- Jemez Pueblo

4th: Santo Domingo Annual Feast Day – Santo Domingo Pueblo – Corn Dances.

9th: San Lorenzo Mass and Sunset Dances – Picuris Pueblo

10th: In Memory of Pueblo Revolt of 1680 and San Lorenzo Annual Feast Day

Picuris Pueblo – Ceremonial foot race, pole climb & traditional dances;  Acoma Pueblo (Acomita Village) – Various Dances.

12th: Santa Clara Annual Feast Day Santa Clara Pueblo – Buffalo, Harvest or Corn Dance.

15th: The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother’s Annual Feast Day Zia Pueblo – Corn Dances; Laguna Pueblo (Mesita Village) – harvest and various dances.

28th: San Augustine Annual Feast Day – Isleta Pueblo – Mass in the morning and a procession following Mass, dances in the afternoon.

Vera Tenorio (Santo Domingo) Jewelry Artist

Vera Tenorio (Santo Domingo) Jewelry Artist


Labor Day Weekend – Santo Domingo Pueblo Annual Arts & Crafts Market.

2nd or 3rd weekend: Go-Jii-Yah Feast Day. Call (575) 843-7270 or (575) 759-3242 for exact dates.  On Jicarilla Apache Reservation at Stone Lake.

2nd: San Estevan Annual Feast Day – Acoma Pueblo Sky City – Harvest Dance. 1(888)Sky City. (888) 759-2489.

4th: San Augustine Feast Day – Isleta Pueblo – Harvest Dance. (505) 869-3111.

8th: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo – Harvest and social dances (505) 552-6654; San Ildefonso Pueblo – Corn Dance. (505) 455-3549.

14th: Harvest Dance – San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (505) 852-4400

19th: St. Joseph’s Annual Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo – Buffalo Eagle and Social Dances (505) 552-6654.

25th: St. Elizabeth Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo – Harvest & Social Dances  (505) 552-6654.

29th: San Geronimo Eve – Taos Pueblo – Vespers & Sundown Dance (575) 758-1028.

30th: San Geronimo Annual Feast Day – Taos Pueblo – Trade fair, ceremonial foot races and pole climb (575) 758-1028.


4th: St. Francis of Assisi Annual Feast Day – Nambe Pueblo: Buffalo & Deer dances.

17th: St. Margaret Mary’s Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo (505) 552-6654 – Harvest and Social Dances.

24th – 27th: Harvest Dance – Laguna Pueblo (505) 552-6654


12th: San Diego Annual Feast Day  – Tesuque Pueblo & Jemez Pueblo – Various dances.

Thanksgiving Weekend Acoma Sky City Annual Indian Arts & Crafts Show and Auction – Call to confirm. 1(888) 759-2489.

Thanksgiving Day: Christmas Light Parade. Zuni Pueblo – Call ahead to confirm. (505)782-7238

Santo DomingoPueblo Church

Santo Domingo Pueblo Church


1st Weekend: Walatowa Winter Arts and Crafts Fair – Jemez Pueblo. For information: (505) 834-7235.

Dec 11th: Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Feast Day – Pojoaque Pueblo – Night dances,Vespers and procession are usually held at 6 p.m. (505) 455-3460.

12th: Our Lady of Guadalupe Annual Feast Day –Tesuque Pueblo – Bow and Arrow, Comanche and Buffalo Dances (505) 983-2667;

Santa Clara Pueblo. – Various Dances (505) 753-7326; Pojoaque Pueblo – 10 am Mass with dancing after (505) 455-3460; Jemez Pueblo – Matachine Dances (505) 834-7235.

24th: Christmas Eve Celebration – We advise confirmation of each pueblo if open to public for these events.

Ohkay Owingeh – Spanish Dance drama Los Matachines and Pine Torch Procession; Taos Pueblo – Sundown Procession with bonfires. (575) 758-1028; Acoma Pueblo – lit with Luminarias, begin at Scenic View Point and continue as far as “Sky City” (888) 759-2489; Laguna Pueblo-  10 pm Mass with various dances to follow (505) 552-6654; San Felipe Pueblo – Dances after Midnight Mass (505) 867-3381; Santa Ana Pueblo – Dances after Midnight Mass. (505) 867-3301; Tesuque Pueblo – Dances after Midnight Mass (505) 983-2667; Nambe Pueblo – Buffalo Dances after Mass. (505) 455-2036; Picuris Pueblo – Sundown Torchlight Procession of the Virgin Vespers – Mass Procession followed by Matachines Dances (575) 587-2419

25th: Christmas Day – Tesuque Pueblo – various dances; Taos Pueblo – Dances to be announced (Deer or Los Matachines); San Ildefonso Pueblo – Christmas Celebration, Matachines Dances; Picuris Pueblo – Christmas Celebration, Matachines Dances; Santo Domingo Pueblo – Special Dances TBA; San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh – various dances; Zia Pueblo – various dances; Cochiti Pueblo – Various Dances (generally Christmas Day and 3 days after).

25th – 27th:  Laguna Village – 10am Mass followed by Harvest Dance; Cochiti Pueblo – Various Dances

26th: San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh – Turtle dance

26th – 28th: Santo Domingo – Corn Dance; Most pueblos have Christmas dances- we suggest contacting Pueblos directly- see below: .

28th: Holy Innocents Day – Picuris Pueblo – Children’s dances.

Voted "Guest Favorite b&b"- 2015

Pueblo Bonito b&b- Santa Fe’s MOST historic, authentic adobe pueblo-style accommodations!


Acoma – (888) 759-2489

Cochiti – (505) 465-2244

Isleta – (505) 869-3111

Jemez – (575) 834-7235

Laguna – (505) 552-6654

Nambe – (505) 455-2036

Picuris – (575) 587-2419

Pojoaque – (505) 455-3460

San Felipe – (505) 867-3381

San Ildefonso – (505) 455-3549

San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo – (505) 852-4400

Sandia – (505) 867-3317

Santa Ana – (505) 867-3301

Santa Clara (Tourism Dept.) – (505) 753-7326

Santo Domingo – (505) 465-2214

Taos – (575) 758-1028

Tesuque – (505) 983-2667

Zia – (505) 867-3304

Zuni – (505) 782-7238

CALENDAR INFO COURTESY OF THE INDIAN PUEBLO CULTURAL CENTER – 2401 12th St. NW-ABQ. NM (505)843-7270. http://www.indianpueblo.org and New Mexico Tourism – http://newmexico.org


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Santa Fe Holiday Events: New Years Eve Celebration on the Plaza

Santa Fe New Years Eve Special Event

New Year’s Eve Celebration on the Plaza!

WHEN: December 31st, 2016. 9:30pm – 12:15am.

WHERE: Just minutes walk to the Historic Santa Fe Plaza from Inn at Pueblo Bonito Santa Fe!

Imagine what a New Years Eve celebration on America’s oldest capital city- Santa Fe- could possibly be! As this unique and culturally diverse 400+ yr old southwestern destination stands on it’s own merits, especially when it comes to traditions, New Year’s eve has availed the opportunity to create a new modern tradition for historic Santa Fe visitors and locals alike! Santa Fe known for its art, culture, history, authentic traditions, is known also known as the City Different. True to it’s name, Santa Fe’s New Years eve celebration rings true! How many New Years eve festivities are family friendly? How many are specially set up to support and fund children? How many are alcohol free and uplifting? Come enjoy, participate and witness the newest in Santa Fe tradition by gathering up friends and family and ringing in New Year 2017 at the inaugural Santa Fe New Year’s Eve celebration.

Santa Fe Plaza Lights

Santa Fe Plaza Lights

Schedule of 2017 New Year Eve Celebration Activities:

9:30pm – Festivities begin with bonfires lining the Historic Santa Fe Plaza. Sip on a cup of hot chocolate (available for donation to benefit Santa Fe kids). Enjoy ethnic foods highlighted in food vendor trucks attending to feed the body while local music heroes like: Alex Maryol and Lumbre del Sol feed the soul and rev the festivities from the bandstand.

11:45pm – Mayor Javier Gonzales and city officials will address the crowd and begin the countdown to 2016.

Midnight – At the stroke of midnight, there’ll be a City Different New Year’s surprise to kick off the New Year in a family-friendly, uplifting fashion.

Late City Bus service will be provided until 12.30am. Remember to thank the driver!

(This is an alcohol-free event!)

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October Santa Fe To Do – Independent Film Festival

The 8th Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival is on it’s way!
When: October 19 – 23, 2016

Want a reason to make an October trip to  Santa Fe New Mexico – Look no farther! Here’s another great activity to do in Santa Fe – so make your New Mexico travel plans now! The 8th Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival will be screened in five of Santa Fe’s favorite independent film theaters over the course of five days (October 19 thru 23) . Experience this exciting and fun event and immerse yourself in authentic Santa Fe culture, cuisine and beauty! Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn – Santa Fe offers travelers an historic experience in Santa Fe accommodations. Offering a great Film Festival travel package to include:

Historic Adobe Room + Downtown parking + NM Breakfast Buffet + WiFi + Afternoon cookies- beginning at $129.99+/nt!


Pueblo Bonito | A Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast | Patio Spring & Summer

It’s certain the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival will be serving up great entertainment- Click here for Ticket Information

Don’t miss out on experiencing historic adobe pueblo accommodations only at:


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7 Things to do in Santa Fe in December for New Mexico Travelers

Christmas at the Palace – Dec 9, 2016 – At the Palace of the Governors on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza!

Christmas at the Palace

A special time for locals and visitors alike to share greetings, and merriment. Enjoy an evening of hot cider, live music with a special event visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the Santa Fe historic Plaza! A free event for all ages. Ice sculpting, jugglers and more.

 Las Posadas – December 11, 2016 – On the historic Santa Fe Plaza and St Francis Cathedral.

Las Posadas

Mary and Joseph are scheduled once again this year to reenact their annual search for lodging so to give birth to baby Jesus. The procession ends at the Palace of the Governors courtyard with plenty of festive caroling, refreshments and warm greetings! A special December event to start your holiday season out right! Santa Fe, New Mexico is a special place to celebrate the Christmas holidays that is certain.

Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival  – December 2-4, 2016 at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center

Santa Fe Winter Indian Market December 16 – 18, 2016- In the La Fonda on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza.

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September Santa Fe New Mexico Travel Special Events

Ultra Santa Fe Trail Run: Sep 10, 2016

Ultra Santa Fe Trail Run

Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Ultra

TIME:   4:00am – 7:00pm

The inaugural New Balance Ultra Santa Fe is set for September 10 in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains surrounding the country’s oldest and highest elevation state capital. Racers will compete on trails through the Santa Fe National Forest, Santa Fe County, City of Santa Fe Open Space and Nambe Pueblo as they complete different legs of the competition including the 50-mile, 50-kilometer, 13-mile, and a final uphill mile run.

INTERESTED? Varying levels of elevation and terrain challenge racers through the 50-mile course, navigating 14,000 feet of climbing and 28,000 feet of changing elevation. At the race’s highest point, it will take runners to higher than 12,000 feet above sea level. All races start and finish at Ski Santa Fe, which sits at an elevation of 10,330 feet and is located 15 miles from the city’s historic downtown.


Santa Fe Fall Foliage

Santa Fe Fall Foliage

While racers are battling the terrain, spectators can set up shop at Ski Santa Fe to enjoy live music, a beer garden, chairlift rides as well as a variety of cuisine from La Casa Lodge food court. Ski Santa Fe will be the premier venue to watch The Uphill Mile, as it will bring runners directly underneath the chairlift as they make their way to the finish line.

For information visit www.ultrasantafe.com 505-629-9278


September Northern New Mexico Art Studio Tours!!

Historic village of Northern New Mexico

Historic village of Northern New Mexico

Pilar Studio Tour– A Northern New Mexico Studio tour gem as Pilar Studio Tour calls itself the “jewel box of art tours”! A small show compared to other area tours which provides unique opportunities close to explore and experience! Stop off in Riconada for a homebrew beer flight tasting at the Blue Heron! Sept 3, 4, 2016

Pojoaque River Art Tour features studios in communities of Pojoaque, Jacona, Jaconita and El Rancho. County Road 84 ends at San Ildefonso Pueblo where you’ll find traditional Pueblo potters studios welcoming visitors. The El Rancho Community Center will provide refreshments and local artists displaying their work for the weekend too. We suggest combining this September Northern New Mexico Studio tour with a visit to Bandelier National Monument- make a full day of it! Sept 17-18, 2016

High Road Artisans Studio Tours of Northern New Mexico follows the High Road to Taos! This Northern New Mexico Studio Art Tour is scheduled for the last two weekends in September. An excellent time for Fall Foliage viewing as the leaves on mountains have turned yellow and temperatures are still balmy. 60+ studios beginning in Chimayó all the way to Vadito, on NM 518 open their doors to visitors! Art is not all you’ll find as a bounty of traditional fall foods are offered along the way! Make a stop at Northern New Mexico Award winning Winery Estrella del Norte- don’t forget your 2 for 1 tasting coupon- compliments of Pueblo Bonito b&b inn! Sept 24, 25, 2016

Pecos Arts Annual Studio Tour features 20 or so artists and is probably the smallest studio tour! But you know the ol adage “Good things come in small packages!”. The size makes a more intimate atmosphere allowing visitors to mingle more with artists! Works like paintings, ceramics, tin, jewelry, wearable art and more will be on display. Since you’re so close, take time to visit the Pecos National Historical Site (home to the archeological remains of the Pecos Pueblo). FYI: By reservation only, on Sundays the site offers a tour of Forked Lightening Ranch, former home of movie star Greet Garson and her husband, cattle rancher Buddy Fogelson. One of John Gaw Meem’s first architectural home designs. Another idea might be to ride up to the Pecos Wilderness area as the scenery is beautiful with extensive hiking trails and good fishing! You’ll find a Fish Hatchery as well as Dalton Canyon (you may recognize the name- associated with Billy the Kid gang).  Sept 24,25, 2016


Santa Fe Wine & Chile Festival 2016

Santa Fe Wine & Chile FestivalSeptember 18-25, 2016 will be full of flavor, tantalizing smells, flowing wines and festive spirits! That’s the description of Santa Fe’s Wine and Chile Festival. This special September Santa Fe Travel event is always full of creativity for the foodie and the traveler! As one can imagine there’s some of the best tasting opportunities for Santa Fe foodies but did you know they’ve paired these treats with movies? Violet Crown and Jean Cocteau Cinemas will host a Wine & Food reception from 5-6:30pm followed by a viewing of three films showing each night at 7:00pm. Films like: A Good Year; La Pointe Courte; Red Obsession. Restaurant hosts like: Radish & Rye; Joseph’s Culinary Pub. And wineries like: Champagne Mumm; Flora Springs; Coppola Director’s Cut; Rombauer. This is just a tasting of what’s on the event menu for Santa Fe’s 2016 Wine and Chile Festival! Check all of them out here!  This is a very popular September Santa Fe Travel event-but Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast still has enchantingly historic Santa Fe rooms available at a great value! Our accommodations reflect the traditions of the native people and the 400 years of history which Santa Fe is so well known for. After all, wouldn’t Santa Fe be steeped in southwest US tradition – smell the chile roasting! We provide Santa Fe accommodations that are different than anywhere else in the world! Inn at Pueblo Bonito- Santa Fe, New Mexico creates a true New Mexico vacation experience! BOOK DIRECT & SAVE NOW for best rates and availability:


Farmers Market Fall Fiesta

Santa Fe Farmers Market Fall Fiesta

Santa Fe Farmers Market Fall Fiesta- Oct 1 Celebrating Local food, culture and community.

This delicious event is walking distance from Pueblo Bonito b&b inn- Santa Fe. The Farmer’s Market Fall Fiesta will include locally-sourced feasts created by Santa Fe’s finest chefs, as well as live and silent auctions. Bid of gift certificates to Market vendors, amazing art and products, and fantastic experiences Add this fun evening event to your Oct 1 Travel Plans NOW! This is a popular event and tickets go fast.

So click here for more information and ticket purchases: https://farmersmarketinstitute.org/get-involved/attend-fall-fiesta-2016/



September visits in Santa Fe, NM

Aspens on Sangre de Cristos

Fall is officially upon us! Bearing down are the cooler evenings, afternoon rains and the aspen trees prepare to present their full glory! End of September, beginning of October are best times to see Northern New Mexico’s fall foliage in the Sangre de Cristo mountain just 16 miles straight north of Pueblo Bonito b&b inn- Santa Fe! Enhance any September Santa Fe travel experience by immersing yourself in one a short excursion for some of the most beautiful Fall Foliage viewing in the country! Room rates begin at $149.99/nt if you book direct but are limited! Combine your fall foliage exploration with our competitive Wine & Chile lodging package- a very popular time to visit Santa Fe so we suggest you Book NOW! Let us assist you (call 1-800-461-4599) for best room and date availability.

Santa Fe September Lodging Packages include Free: Taste of New Mexico package (see information on this page); Breakfast buffet; WiFi; Parking; Afternoon cookies! No hassle downtown parking at our inn- just park and walk anywhere in  downtown (restaurants, plaza, historic sites, museums, galleries, Canyon Rd, Rail yard, Farmers Market and more!).

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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2016 – Coming soon Music Fiesta!

Make your Santa Fe travel plans NOW!

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

2016 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta blasts off Oct 1, 2016! 9 beauty filled days of excitement are planned for New Mexico October Travelers. 2016 Balloon Fiesta will spectacular and encourage guests of Inn at Pueblo Bonito- Santa Fe to make reservations NOW! As an incentive, we are offering a $5/nt discount off any/all rooms or suites during the month of October 2016! New Mexico October Balloon Fiesta travelers can also enjoy a special event this year: Music Fiesta (Oct 8, 2016). Ticket sales begin for Music Fiesta July 15th! So plan early, get your tickets, get your lodging, get your rental car, get it done now! But… if you miss out on Early bookings, don’t disappointed there’s still plenty of wonderful balloon events for the whole family to enjoy during Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! Those beautiful balloons always make October extra special for New Mexico adventure travelers and Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast with it’s historic adobe pueblo accommodations just put it over the top! Historic True New Mexico at it’s best! Let us help you with the accommodation that best fit your needs: BOOK DIRECT or 1-800-461-4599.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Music Fiesta™ superstar lineup with feature three unique artist performances.  Tickets sales begin 9:00 a.m. July 15th but the Music Fiesta itself is schedule to begin at 1:00 p.m. Saturday the 8th of August- the Last day of Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta- Ole!  After the concert you can stay and enjoy Saturday’s Night Magic Glow™ and AfterGlow™ fireworks!  To view the complete schedule of Balloon Fiesta events please visit the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta’s event schedule.

Travel Tips to aid in your Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta planning are as follows:

*Stay in Santa Fe! Why you might ask?

  • Santa Fe is THE destination of New Mexico! Consistently ranked top in US Travel poles for it’s culture, cuisine, historic uniqueness and authenticity, world renown Museums, art and excellent location for nearby outdoor adventures
    20 min drive South of Pueblo Bonito Inn - Pecos Pueblo Mission ruins.

    20 min drive South of Pueblo Bonito Inn – Pecos Pueblo Mission ruins.

    (hiking, biking, national monuments, fishing, golfing, white water rafting and more!). See our blog on enhancing your New Mexico travel experience! Unless you’re intent is to attend all activities of Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, avoid the extra crowds, lines, traffic and general chaos of Albuquerque during this busy time and take advantage of the 4 National Monuments, 8 Northern Pueblos, world class shopping and galleries, wine and distillery tasting, plus enjoy top notch New Mexico restaurants in and around Santa Fe!

  • Ride the Rail Runner- New Mexico’s premier commuter rail to avoid parking chaos!
    Convenient transportation between ABQ and Santa Fe!

    Convenient transportation between ABQ and Santa Fe!

    This option available to guests of Pueblo Bonito b&b inn Oct 1,2,8,9 (Saturdays and Sundays) only! Enjoy a parking hassle free, scenic ride between Santa Fe downtown depot and the Los Ranchos / Journal Center station where the Fiesta Express Park & Ride busses will pick you up and take you into Balloon Fiesta Park! Click Shuttle Information for details and ticket purchase.

  • Experience 156 yr old historic adobe accommodations in downtown Santa Fe. No matter how far the distance you’re traveling, you’ll find yourself engulfed in some of the most enchanting landscape, culture and tradition Southwest USA can offer!
    Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.

    Historic Adobe- Pueblo Bonito b&b inn-Santa Fe.

    Why just stay when you can experience it? Inn at  Pueblo Bonito- Santa Fe offers a one of a kind traditional historic New Mexico Lodging experience. You can’t stay with us in Albuquerque, because our property was built in 1860 in downtown Old Santa Fe! Complimentary parking and the BEST Breakfast tamales in New Mexico! BOOK NOW for best room and travel date selections.

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Santa Fe To Do: Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco Dancing at El Farol: July & August 2016

IMG_5471 Beginning July and performing thru August 21st, Santa Fe visitors and guests of Inn at Pueblo Bonito – Santa Fe are invited to enhance an evening in Santa Fe with the experience of live Flamenco dancing! Recently Innkeepers and Owners of Inn at Pueblo Bonito- Santa Fe visited El Farol on Canyon Road in downtown, just minutes from the inn. The evening was a hands down delight! Great food, warm inviting service, and the live flamenco IMG_5484dance performance was full of fun, excitement and beauty! “Flamenco at El Farol was a delight to say the least!” stated Amy Behm, co-owner/innkeeper of Santa Fe’s oldest and most historic adobe downtown pueblo bed and breakfast inn.  “Reservations are a must and make sure to request table side viewing of the flamenco performance.”, added Herb Behm (co-owner and innkeeper), “It definitely adds to a great vacation experience in Santa Fe, New Mexico”.  “El Farol Restaurant in Santa Fe has always proven to be an excellent recommendation for our Santa Fe travelers,” stated Amy, “but the addition of Flamenco at El Farol, enhances a unique dining experience our guests look for.” We highly recommend this delightful Santa Fe evening dining/entertainment opportunity.

Claimed to be Santa Fe’s oldest restaurant and cantina, El Farol on Canyon Road, teams up with the National Institute of Flamenco. 2016 celebrates Flamenco at El Farol’s eighth season! Flamenco at El Farol runs July 7th through August 21st- Thursdays through Tuesdays.

This year Flamenco at El Farol features a thrilling rotation and collaboration among seasoned flamenco artists from Spain and the United States. A stellar cast of artiIMG_5482sts include nationally acclaimed dancers Marisol Encinias and Joaquin Encinias; Dixon, NM-native Vicente Griego, the most sought-after flamenco singer in North America, Taos, NM born guitarist Calvin Hazen, and members of Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company. Featured artists, and new to Flamenco at El Farol are, Daniel Navarro, Natasha González; singer Eva de Dios, and guitarist Pablo Dominguez. The performances are exciting, colorful, elegant and extremely reflective of traditional Hispanic culture -music, song and dance.

Guest staying at Inn at Pueblo Bonito- Santa Fe, seek a traditional, authentic reflection of historic culture,


El Farol Tapas Sampler

cuisine and experience so we highly suggest add this dining/entertainment event to your next Santa Fe vacation schedule. El Farol provides a delightful restaurant experience on it’s own-  boasting historic adobe architecture, colorful murals and menu items offerings at exceptional. (Tip: Try the Tapa sampler; Drink: House Sangria; Entrée- Paella de Casa; Desert- Tres Angelitos).


Inn at Pueblo Bonito is dedicated to serving our guests and providing new, exciting and traditional experiences to create a memorable New Mexico vacation experience- Enjoy! Please call El Farol directly to make dinner reservations for the show at 505-983-9912 and to reserve your Santa Fe accommodations- call 1-800-461-4599 (Inn at Pueblo Bonito).

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July Santa Fe Travel Events: Los Alamos Science Fest and Spy Tours

scienceLooking for a fun and interesting event July 13-16, 2016 while visiting Santa Fe and staying at Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn? Here’s a fun one: Los Alamos ScienceFest– Celebrating the secrets and the science of the Atomic Age! We cordially invite guests of Inn at Pueblo Bonito- Santa Fe to add this fun classified event to your party calendar! Spectators of all ages will enjoy interactive exhibits, storytelling and demonstrations putting themselves in the shoes of world-class scientists of Los Alamos New Mexico. We thought would be a unique and fun addition to your July Santa Fe Travel Plans! Science, History, Outdoor lovers delight- this event should be great and add a distinctive element to your New Mexico travel experience. View activities and event calendar for Los Alamos Science Festival HERE


Atomic Age

Santa Fe Spy Tour – by Ellen Bradbury Reid: 

This special walking tour around the Santa Fe’s Plaza highlights most of the espionage that the KGB conducted during the Manhattan Project. This tour visits spots where secrets were passed and discuss Soviet involvement. Ellen Bradbury Reid moved to Los Alamos in the summer of 1944 when her father was hired by Norris Bradbury to work in the high explosives division. Ellen Wilder married John Bradbury and then eventually married Ed Reid. Her perspective is unique as she grew up in Los Alamos and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Maximum capacity is 15. Click here to register for Santa Fe Spy Tour. Tours given Friday, July 15; Saturday, July 16 at 1pm, $15 per person.

Book your room nights NOW at Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn in downtown Santa Fe for July 13-15 to enjoy the Los Alamos Science Festival. Walk to the best restaurants Northern New Mexico has to offer- just minutes from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast’s doorstep! Combine world class shopping, gallery viewing, historic site seeing, wine tasting and more with this fun and interesting Los Alamos ScienceFest experience! BOOK NOW 

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Santa Fe Wine Festival – Coming July 2, 3!

Santa Fe July 2 July 3 Travel Suggestion!

Northern New Mexico Winery tours suggested by Inn at Pueblo Bonito - Santa Fe.

Northern New Mexico Winery tours suggested by Inn at Pueblo Bonito – Santa Fe.

Making travel plans to Santa Fe New Mexico for the upcoming 4th of July weekend? Here’s a great addition for travelers who will never find a better way to sample delicious New Mexico wines and buy directly from the vintners! Enjoy festive food, music and arts & crafts as well as some of the best New Mexico wines available.  Santa Fe Wine Festival kicks off July 2 and 3 and runs from 12 noon to 6 pm each day. Admission is $13 for adults and includes a festival souvenir wine glass! (Kids under 12 are free)  Santa Fe Wine Festival is being held at the living museum at El Rancho los Golondrinas . El Rancho los Golondrinas is a short drive south of downtown Santa Fe off I-25 in the village of La Cienega (a 15 minute drive). El Rancho los Golondrinas is known for the summer festivals they host which provide visitors a glimpse into living history. We at Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn highly recommend considering adding the Santa Fe Wine festival to your  visiting to do list for this July 2 or July 3 travel. All participants must present a valid ID to sample or buy wine (no exceptions).  Glass sales and tasting will end at 5:30 pm sharp with bottle sales ending at 6:00 pm. If you must, a Regional Transit Bus can be accessed by guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn at several downtown locations (walkable to/from the inn). If you’re looking to follow our suggestions, we would invite you to  start your Saturday July 2 out by  visiting the Farmers Market (always a fun Saturday Santa Fe to do), then hit Tent Rocks (in the same general area of El Rancho los Golondrinas), then stop by the Santa Fe Wine Festival to finish off a spectacular day of Santa Fe day tripping and adventure!

Enchantingly Santa Fe! Pueblo Bonito Inn- New Mexico

Enchantingly Santa Fe! Pueblo Bonito Inn- New Mexico

You’ll need to come back home to Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn after this exciting day of Santa Fe area touring to relax. Just park your car in our prime downtown location (no hassles here- we’ve got a free parking spot for all paying guests!) and kick your shoes off for a short respite in our quiet, cool courtyard before walking the quaint historic streets of downtown Santa Fe for a delicious dinner at one of Santa Fe’s best restaurants!

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