Calendar Of Over 60 Santa Fe Events, Native American Feast Days, and Pueblo Dances


TIP: Confirm all dates, activities, events before attending. Contact pueblos directly. Information current as of writing.

Native American dance- Santa Fe Festivals

Native American dances at Santa Fe Plaza


Most events allowed for viewing are considered sacred so follow any/all posted rules of etiquette for each ceremony and pueblo. Pueblo tourism offices also provide visitors with pueblo rules- check out their websites.

  1. Photography is usually forbidden- so don’t take photos!
  2. No applause- remember these are meaningful dances to the pueblo people- not entertainment.
  3. Refrain from asking specific questions about the dances, their ceremonial dress etc. Compliments are appreciated- “beautiful ceremony”.
  4. Feast Days are annual events and usually on date given unless otherwise specified.
  5. When choosing a viewing place, give up the “prime” locations to the native people- be courteous to them as you are visiting- they are there for a meaningful reason for which the pueblo people are required to attend. (shade, chairs, etc- offer to them).
  6. IF offered to enter a pueblo home, accept! This would be a huge compliment and make certain you eat what is offered.
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1st: Canes Transfer to New Tribal Officials (Ushering in New Government officials)

Various dances at most Pueblos; Taos Pueblo – Turtle Dance; Santo Domingo Pueblo – Corn Dance; San Juan Pueblo – Cloud or Basket Dance.

6th: King’s Day Celebration – Honoring New Pueblo Tribal Officials

Picuris Pueblo – various dances; Nambe Pueblo – Buffalo, Deer & Antelope Dances; Sandia & Santo Domingo Pueblos – various dances; Taos Pueblo – Deer & Buffalo Dances; Most of these Pueblos open to the public.

22nd: San Ildefonso Pueblo: Vespers evening with firelight procession. 6pm – Contact the pueblo to confirm.

23rd: San Ildefonso Pueblo Annual Feast Day: Buffalo, Comanche & Deer Dances.

25th: St. Paul’s Feast Day: Picuris Pueblo & San Juan Pueblo Annual Feast Day


1st or 2nd Weekend: Governor’s Feast – Old Acoma Pueblo – various dances; San Juan Pueblo – Deer Dances

2nd: Candelaria Day Celebration: San Felipe & Picuris Pueblos

Carne Adovada- a Pueblo Feast Day favorite!

Carne Adovada- a Pueblo Feast Day favorite!

MARCH: NOTE: Mid-March to Mid-April: Taos Pueblo Closed

19th: St. Joseph’s Feast Day: Laguna Pueblo (Old Laguna) Harvest Dance & Various Dances.


Easter Weekend: Basket and Corn Dances at most Pueblos

Easter Sunday: Nambe Pueblo – Bow & Arrow Dance after Mass; Zia Pueblo & San Ildefonso (Sun & Mon) – various dances;

Santo Domingo Pueblo – Corn Dance


1st: St. Philip Annual Feast Day: San Felipe Pueblo – Corn Dance.

3rd: Santa Cruz Feast Day: Taos Pueblo, Blessing of the Fields & Corn Dance and Traditional Foot Races.

7th: Santa Maria Feast Day: Acoma Pueblo.

Memorial Day Weekend: Annual Jemez Pueblo Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show & Powwow.


First Saturday of the Month: Blessing of the Fields at Tesuque Pueblo – Corn Dance

June 13th: San Antonio Annual Feast Day – Sandia Pueblo & Taos Pueblo & San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Pueblo- Corn Dances;

Santa Clara Pueblo – Comanche (Buffalo) Dance; Picuris Pueblo – Children’s foot race.

June 16th – 17th: (Father’s Day weekend): Picuris Pueblo – High Country Arts & Crafts Festival

June 23rd: San Juan Pueblo/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo – Vespers, Foot Race and Buffalo Dance.

24th: St. John Bautista Annual Feast Day: San Juan Pueblo/Ohkay Owingeh – Corn Dance, Buffalo Dance; Taos Pueblo – Corn Dance.

29th: San Pedro Feast Day- Corn Dance: Santa Ana Pueblo & Santo Domingo. – Corn Dance

Traditional Tamales- welcomed treats in Pueblo culture.

Traditional Tamales- welcomed treats in Pueblo culture.


4th: Celebration at the Waterfall – Nambe Pueblo. Call to confirm! (505) 455-2036

2nd Weekend of July. Taos Pueblo Annual Intertribal Pow-Wow (575) 758-1028

14th: San Bonaventura Feast Day: Cochiti Pueblo – Corn Dance.

3rd weekend of July: Annual Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Fair –

San Juan/Okay Owingeh Pueblo. (505) 852-4400

25th: Santiago Feast Day: Taos – Corn Dance.

26th: Santa Ana Annual Feast Day Santa Ana Pueblo & Taos Pueblo – Various dances. Laguna (Seama village) – Harvest & Various Dances.

July or August (date to be determined each year): Zuni Pueblo Arts and Cultural Expo. Zuni, N.M. Call (505)782-7238 for dates.


Annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial at Red Rock State Park by Gallup, NM. Activities: Rodeo, parade, dances, arts and crafts, native food, golf tournament, auction etc. Red Rock is 200 miles from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast Santa Fe a gr 505.863.3896 or

Zuni Pueblo Arts and Cultural Expo. Either in July or August. Zuni, N.M. (505)782-7238

Santa Fe Indian Market. Each August 20, 21, 2017. Traditionally held the third weekend each August on Santa Fe Plaza (easy walk from Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn). Native American artists and craftspeople from all over North America exhibit work for juried competitions and purchase. Activities include Native dances, music, costumes, food, craft sales, etc. or (505) 983-5220.

2nd: San Persingula Feast Day – Annual Feast Day- Jemez Pueblo

4th: Santo Domingo Annual Feast Day – Santo Domingo Pueblo – Corn Dances.

9th: San Lorenzo Mass and Sunset Dances – Picuris Pueblo

10th: In Memory of Pueblo Revolt of 1680 and San Lorenzo Annual Feast Day

Picuris Pueblo – Ceremonial foot race, pole climb & traditional dances; Acoma Pueblo (Acomita Village) – Various Dances.

12th: Santa Clara Annual Feast Day Santa Clara Pueblo – Buffalo, Harvest or Corn Dance.

15th: The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother’s Annual Feast Day Zia Pueblo – Corn Dances; Laguna Pueblo (Mesita Village) – harvest and various dances.

28th: San Augustine Annual Feast Day – Isleta Pueblo – Mass in the morning and a procession following Mass, dances in the afternoon.

Vera Tenorio (Santo Domingo) Jewelry Artist

Vera Tenorio (Santo Domingo) Jewelry Artist


Labor Day Weekend – Santo Domingo Pueblo Annual Arts & Crafts Market.

2nd or 3rd weekend: Go-Jii-Yah Feast Day. Call (575) 843-7270 or (575) 759-3242 for exact dates. On Jicarilla Apache Reservation at Stone Lake.

2nd: San Estevan Annual Feast Day – Acoma Pueblo Sky City – Harvest Dance. 1(888)Sky City. (888) 759-2489.

4th: San Augustine Feast Day – Isleta Pueblo – Harvest Dance. (505) 869-3111.

8th: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo – Harvest and social dances (505) 552-6654; San Ildefonso Pueblo – Corn Dance. (505) 455-3549.

14th: Harvest Dance – San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (505) 852-4400

19th: St. Joseph’s Annual Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo – Buffalo Eagle and Social Dances (505) 552-6654.

25th: St. Elizabeth Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo – Harvest & Social Dances (505) 552-6654.

29th: San Geronimo Eve – Taos Pueblo – Vespers & Sundown Dance (575) 758-1028.

30th: San Geronimo Annual Feast Day – Taos Pueblo – Trade fair, ceremonial foot races and pole climb (575) 758-1028.


4th: St. Francis of Assisi Annual Feast Day – Nambe Pueblo: Buffalo & Deer dances.

17th: St. Margaret Mary’s Feast Day – Laguna Pueblo (505) 552-6654 – Harvest and Social Dances.

24th – 27th: Harvest Dance – Laguna Pueblo (505) 552-6654


12th: San Diego Annual Feast Day – Tesuque Pueblo & Jemez Pueblo – Various dances.

Thanksgiving Weekend Acoma Sky City Annual Indian Arts & Crafts Show and Auction – Call to confirm. 1(888) 759-2489.

Thanksgiving Day: Christmas Light Parade. Zuni Pueblo – Call ahead to confirm. (505)782-7238

Santo DomingoPueblo Church

Santo Domingo Pueblo Church


1st Weekend: Walatowa Winter Arts and Crafts Fair – Jemez Pueblo. For information: (505) 834-7235.

Dec 11th: Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Feast Day – Pojoaque Pueblo – Night dances, Vespers, and procession are usually held at 6 p.m. (505) 455-3460.

12th: Our Lady of Guadalupe Annual Feast Day –Tesuque Pueblo – Bow and Arrow, Comanche and Buffalo Dances (505) 983-2667;

Santa Clara Pueblo. – Various Dances (505) 753-7326; Pojoaque Pueblo – 10 am Mass with dancing after (505) 455-3460; Jemez Pueblo – Matachine Dances (505) 834-7235.

24th: Christmas Eve Celebration – We advise confirmation of each pueblo if open to public for these events.

Ohkay Owingeh – Spanish Dance drama Los Matachines and Pine Torch Procession; Taos Pueblo – Sundown Procession with bonfires. (575) 758-1028; Acoma Pueblo – lit with Luminarias, begin at Scenic View Point and continue as far as “Sky City” (888) 759-2489; Laguna Pueblo- 10 pm Mass with various dances to follow (505) 552-6654; San Felipe Pueblo – Dances after Midnight Mass (505) 867-3381; Santa Ana Pueblo – Dances after Midnight Mass. (505) 867-3301; Tesuque Pueblo – Dances after Midnight Mass (505) 983-2667; Nambe Pueblo – Buffalo Dances after Mass. (505) 455-2036; Picuris Pueblo – Sundown Torchlight Procession of the Virgin Vespers – Mass Procession followed by Matachines Dances (575) 587-2419

25th: Christmas Day – Tesuque Pueblo – various dances; Taos Pueblo – Dances to be announced (Deer or Los Matachines); San Ildefonso Pueblo – Christmas Celebration, Matachines Dances; Picuris Pueblo – Christmas Celebration, Matachines Dances; Santo Domingo Pueblo – Special Dances TBA; San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh – various dances; Zia Pueblo – various dances; Cochiti Pueblo – Various Dances (generally Christmas Day and 3 days after).

25th – 27th: Laguna Village – 10am Mass followed by Harvest Dance; Cochiti Pueblo – Various Dances

26th: San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh – Turtle dance

26th – 28th: Santo Domingo – Corn Dance; Most pueblos have Christmas dances- we suggest contacting Pueblos directly- see below:

28th: Holy Innocents Day – Picuris Pueblo – Children’s dances.

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Acoma – (888) 759-2489

Cochiti – (505) 465-2244

Isleta – (505) 869-3111

Jemez – (575) 834-7235

Laguna – (505) 552-6654

Nambe – (505) 455-2036

Picuris – (575) 587-2419

Pojoaque – (505) 455-3460

San Felipe – (505) 867-3381

San Ildefonso – (505) 455-3549

San Juan/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo – (505) 852-4400

Sandia – (505) 867-3317

Santa Ana – (505) 867-3301

Santa Clara (Tourism Dept.) – (505) 753-7326

Santo Domingo – (505) 465-2214

Taos – (575) 758-1028

Tesuque – (505) 983-2667

Zia – (505) 867-3304

Zuni – (505) 782-7238

CALENDAR INFO COURTESY OF THE INDIAN PUEBLO CULTURAL CENTER – 2401 12th St. NW-ABQ. NM (505)843-7270. and New Mexico Tourism –