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Confirmation/Cancellation Policies (5.20)

Confirmation: Reservations are confirmed only if a valid credit card is provided. NOTE: Credit card is provided to guarantee full payment; it will be validated prior to check in (a “hold” of funds); Guest should not provide any guaranteeing form of payment if they do not wish it to be charged. “Guaranteeing” indicates your agreement to all policies and authorizes Pueblo Bonito to make charges within reservation agreement.

Cancellation of Reservations through June 30, 2020: 48 hours prior notice required for changes (cancellation/no show/shortening of stay, etc) due to COV1D19. Late notice results in one night room charge plus taxes.

Cancellation of Reservations July 1 thru Aug 31, 2020: 3* days (72 hours) prior notice required for free cancellation regardless of reason given (cancellation/no show/shortening of stay, etc). Late notice (less than 72 hours) results in one night room charge plus taxes.

Cancellation of Reservations September 1, 2020 and beyond:
5* days notice for free cancellation regardless of the reason given. All room nights become 100% guaranteed at 5 days prior to arrival date.
*14 days notice for reservations during special events, some holidays, etc (i.e. Balloon Fiesta, Labor Day, Wine/Chili Festival, Thanksgiving, etc) but not limited to these dates or events. All room nights become 100% guaranteed at 14 days prior to arrival.
*30 days notice for group bookings, multiple room bookings (2+), major holidays (i.e. Christmas, New Years, reunions, parties, group travel, etc.). NM COVID restrictions apply to “groups” and as such are subject to innkeeper approval. All room nights become 100% guaranteed 30 days prior to arrival (deposit may be required).

NOTE: Holidays or Special events are time periods consisting of more than the day of the actual date. It is common for an entire weekend or week or several days to be considered “holiday or special event dates”. Cancellation policy holds for all these time periods.


Rates/policies are subject to change and will vary during high demand periods and for special requests. Rates guaranteed in confirmation are for number of occupants as stated in confirmation. Additional people over 2 in any room require additional $25/person charge/night.

Group or multiple room bookings are subject to final approval by the Innkeeper and may warrant changes. Please contact us directly by phone for help with group bookings: Call (800) 461-4599.

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-In: 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Late arrivals (after 6:00 p.m.) are no problem! Please call to make arrangements – preferably 24 hours prior to arrival date.

Check-Out: 11:00 a.m. Sorry, no late checkouts! Due to COVID, we guarantee check ins a 24-48 hour minimum vacancy time for turned over guest rooms. Late check outs cause issues! Therefore guests are asked to render room keys by 11:00 am MST. We may offer free parking for extended Santa Fe touring – just ask! Any late check out will be charged one nights rental plus tax due to our need to adhere to 24-48 vacancy. If necessary, personal belongings may have to be removed by management in order to prepare the room for new incoming guests with guaranteed reservations and a fee of $75 will be charged for this service.

Smoking, Pets, Children & Trailers

Smoking is prohibited inside Smoking is strictly prohibited in any/all buildings or rooms. Smoking outdoors is permitted. Please dispose of “butts” appropriately (not on grounds, in ornamental pots, in room refuge, etc). A $250 fee will be charged to reserving guest if smoking occurs inside any building or room or if smoke smell resides in any room.

• Pets are NOT allowed – PETS are NOT ALLOWED. This is strictly enforced! If, however, our policy is disregarded and an animal is taken into any room for any reason, a $75/pet/night charge will automatically applied. Damage and deep cleaning fees will be the liability of reserving or occupying guest ($250+). We respectfully ask due to NM COVID restrictions and our priority of serving human guests who may suffer serious health issues (i.e. life-threatening animal allergies) that alternative “pet-friendly” accommodations be sought to best provide for your pet’s needs. Thank you.

Children are welcomed, but NOT FREE! Daily room occupancy applies to all ages (0-100). Accommodation selection for 3 or 4 occupants must be suites. $25/occupant over double to a max of 4 applies. Call with questions or assistance. COVID: all occupants to be from same residence

Guest Parking: One parking spot is provided per room rented. Visitors of paying occupants must find alternative parking (suggestion: State Parking lot across on Manhattan). Our parking spaces are guaranteed to paying occupants only. Trailer parking is not available. Call for suggestions to make arrangement to park trailers off premises.

Fireplaces and Fireplace Usage – Fees Apply

Fireplaces are operable beginning mid-Oct only. All wood/fireplace burning resources must be provided by Pueblo Bonito Inn and are ONLY allowed in our fireplaces. Under no circumstance may a guest use/place anything other than Inn provided materials into the operable fireplace. STRICT ENFORCEMENT is required for guest and facility safety. $300+ will be assessed for non-adherence – NO exceptions. A $15/use fee applies when operable.

Office Hours:

Office and Phone Hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm MST- may vary dependent upon occupancy and COVID.
Online bookings are available 24/7/365.

Food Service Hours:

Breakfast Service/Cookie Time: placed in guest’s room refrigerator prior to check in and available for convenient consumption anytime

*Paying guests are always welcome to enjoy complimentary food services. Additional charges of $15+/person are added to bills for non-paying nightly guests. Prior arrangements must be communicated to staff as food services must be planned and set up in guest’s room. Thank you

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