Day Trips From Santa Fe New Mexico: Santa Fe Trail

No steering you wrong! Day Trip the Santa Fe way!

Day Trips around Santa Fe are highly recommended to guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn Santa Fe. We emphasize the need for newcomers to first to explore and acclimate themselves to the City Different (Santa Fe). Its history rich museums and cultural sites, beautiful art, world class galleries and shops, interesting people and of course the uniquely distinctive cuisine are what make Santa Fe, New Mexico’s travel destination. Guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn Santa Fe can occupy vacation time for 3 months straight with suggestions by our staff to see and experience inside the City and outside by use of day trips around Santa Fe. As I write this, we are in mid-winter with Spring travel just around the corner. This sequence of day trips around Santa Fe is perfect for any time of year. This particular writing was meant for suggestions on a cold day to encourage driving exploration but also great for spring break and spring break family travelers! So please don’t limit your day trip fun in and around Santa Fe New Mexico to just Santa Fe Winter Travel or New Mexico Spring Break travel- enjoy any time of year!

Glorieta Pass by Schlacht von Courtesy of National Park Service

Santa Fe Trail– Leave Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn, travel south on historic Old Santa Fe trail (turns into Old Pecos trail) to I-25. Head North and exit at “Pecos” then go northeast through Glorieta pass (NOTE: civil war battle fought here- marker and historic adobe fort viewable along route). Follow signage to Pecos National Historical park to view Pecos Pueblo ruins and Spanish mission church along with some spectacular New Mexico natural beauty. The Pecos wilderness is a fun addition to this day trip as fishing is

Pecos Monument Ruins

Pecos National Historic Park Ruins

ideal. If you head north toward Cowels NM you’ll pass a fish hatchery as well as Dalton Canyon (remember that name? Dalton- the gang of outlaws associated with Billy the kid.) Going to Cowels will take you off Santa Fe Trail, but is an alternative day trip to broadened the adventure travel experience we offer to guests of Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast Santa Fe. Leaving Pecos National Historical park, if you follow I-25 to Las Vegas (NM) you’ll find Old West attractions to include period architecture, antique stores, restaurants and services, as well as the Rough Rider Museum. Las Vegas, NM is the epitome of the old west. The “Santa Fe ring” was a group of powerful attorneys and land speculators in this area of the United States during the late 19th century and into the early 20th century. It amassed a fortune through political corruption and fraudulent land deals. Hangings were commonly held on the historic Las Vegas plaza which is today conveniently located across from the historic Plaza hotel. We suggest stopping for an afternoon refreshment in the bar at the plaza or having a bite to eat at the nearby El Rillito salon on main street! Take NM 518

La Cueva Mill

north to Storrie Lake which offers fishing, boating, and windsurfing- not a real scenic lake but water in New Mexico is precious and we’re always grateful for it- anyway we can get it. NM 518 winds into tall mountains and has plenty of interesting stops in villages to take advantage of. La Cueva, NM is one of our favorites as it’s home to Salmon Raspberry Ranch. The

Old La Cueva Mill is viewable with a maze of sandstone walls on the land behind the mill which once housed mill workers and their families. NM 75 descends into the village of Penasco- an area rich in wildlife, vegetation and beauty. Take NM 76 back to US 85/285 and South to Santa Fe. This day trip as described above is a “Day” trip, but can be dissected and enjoyed many an afternoon to completely enjoy all the elements available to the Santa Fe day trip traveler!