Santa Fe Art Market- A Great Reason to Travel to Santa Fe, NM.

Spanish Market- Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico State Capitol- home of Governor's Gallery

Santa Fe is the third-largest art market in the country, trailing only New York City and Los Angeles (per Santa Fe‘s tourism office). Though a little difficult to quantify this boast, it does seems plausible as the city has more than 200 world renown art galleries, with a significant number of them carry museum-quality art, some of it with museum-quality prices.

Few cities in the world have such a diversified collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other artworks by so many artists—alive or passed —available for viewing. Very impressive, even if you’re not a buyer, the art alone provides a reason to visit this unique and quirky historic city. Santa Fe’s art scene shows diversity including Southwest, Spanish colonial, Native American, and other art typical of the area, as well as artists of all genres and styles, from early-20th-century impressionism to African ethnography.

Canyon Road, just a five minute stroll from Pueblo Bonito b&b inn, meanders gracefully up a hill boasting beautiful pieces of art inside and out in dozens of the city’s galleries—it’s great fun to walk along this narrow tree shaded street, ducking in and out of shops any day of the year. Canyon Road though having “claim” to the majority of galleries, is not the only area of downtown Santa Fe that provides amazing art pieces to gather inspiration. Around the Plaza, on Paseo de Peralta’s eastern fringes and sprinkled around the newer rail yard area, also provide feasts for the eyes and imagination. Just about any street you wander near the Plaza, east or west, you’re likely to encounter an acclaimed gallery.

One gallery of special mention is the Governors’ Gallery located inside the New Mexico State Capitol building on Old Santa Fe Trail, just a stones throw away from Pueblo Bonito b&b. This not-so-well-known gallery brings intriguing exhibitions of art to the 4th floor of the State Capitol and can be viewed by anyone six days a week from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm. Generally, all Santa Fe vacationers staying at Pueblo Bonito b&b are encouraged to visit this exquisite gallery as it provides an excellent snap shot of the quality of art coming into and out of Santa Fe, NM. Located just steps from our downtown Santa Fe b&b the accessibility is easy and the experience- memorable!