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Santa Fe Travel: Pueblo Feast Day Dance Schedule September 2019

Native American danceSEPTEMBER brings the harvest! The harvest bring Pueblo Feast Days! If you have never viewed one of these  beautiful and culturally intriguing dances, we highly recommend you do. Plan now to visit Santa Fe this September- it’s a great month (the aspen leaves begin to turn colors toward the end of the month as well). Following are dates to put on your Santa Fe travel calendar that feature  Norther New Mexico Feast Day dances and celebrations.  Make sure you consider a great place to stay as well when visiting Northern New Mexico Santa Fe Pueblo Feast Day celebrations.  Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn is “the place” to consider! This 158 yr old authentic adobe pueblo estate turned b&b feature authentic adobe pueblo accommodations to create a cultural travel experience you’ll remember a lifetime. Call now for assistance: 1-800-461-4599 or BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE ONLINE! 

NOTE: For confirmation of dates, activities and events, please contact each tribe directly.


Labor Day Weekend – Santo Domingo Pueblo Annual Arts & Crafts Market.

Santo Domingo Pueblo Church
Santo Domingo Pueblo Church

2nd or 3rd weekend: Go-Jii-Yah Feast Day. At Stone Lake, Jicarilla Apache Reservation. For exact dates and event information: (575) 843-7270 or (575) 759-3242.

2nd: San Estevan Annual Feast Day Acoma Pueblo Sky City – Harvest Dance. 1(888)Sky City. (888) 759-2489.

4th: San Augustine Feast Day Isleta Pueblo – Harvest Dance. (505) 869-3111.

8th: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Feast Day  Laguna Pueblo (Encinal) – Harvest and social dances. (505) 552-6654.  San Ildefonso Pueblo – Corn Dance. (505) 455-3549.

14th: Harvest Dance (Dates are subject to change) Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo/also known as San Juan Pueblo. (505) 852-4400

19th: St. Joseph’s Annual Feast Day Laguna Pueblo – Buffalo Eagle and Social Dances at Old Laguna. (505) 552-6654.

25th: St. Elizabeth Feast Day Laguna Pueblo (Village of Paguate) – Harvest & Social Dances. For Info: (505) 552-6654.

29th: San Geronimo Eve Taos Pueblo – Vespers & Sundown Dance. For Info: (575) 758-1028.

30th: San Geronimo Annual Feast Day Taos Pueblo – Trade fair, ceremonial foot races and pole climb. For Info: (575) 758-1028.

Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo photo: wikipedia

Remember: Most of these events are considered sacred by the pueblo people.  Follow the rules of etiquette for each ceremony and pueblo (they’re generally posted before you enter the plaza/dance are of each pueblo). Pueblo tourism offices will provide you with their rules as well.   Photography of any kind is usually strictly forbidden, but check with the respective tourism office.  Do not applaud.  Refrain from asking specific questions about the dances, their ceremonial dress etc.  Respect the fact you are the “guest” and as such give way to the “prime” viewing spots to natives who are there to celebrate. These are good and gracious people, act respectful and appreciative- you are “being allowed” to view their heritage and customs. Feast Days are usually held on the date given from year to year unless otherwise specified. It is always a good idea to double check by calling (see numbers listed above).

Patio at Pueblo Bonito
Pueblo Bonito bed and breakfast inn- downtown Santa Fe, NM.


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