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Taos Pueblo photo: wikipedia

Taos Pueblo photo: Wikipedia

Pueblo Feast Days Calendar and Events

Santa Fe is THE place for visitors to centralize and set up their Northern New Mexico travel base when planning out their exploration adventures. New Mexico travelers can maximize their exposure and convenience to nearby Pueblos for viewing and experiencing first hand cultural Pueblo opportunities as well as take advantage of 4 National Monuments nearby. There are 19 Pueblos that exist in and around Northern New Mexico- Santa Fe. Each Pueblo observes sacred ceremonial Feast Days and Religious Events throughout the year. Native American Pueblo people generously allow us (respectful outsiders) to attend some of the sacred rituals and events throughout the calendar year. When traveling to Santa Fe or through New Mexico we highly recommend taking advantage of these special opportunities. Take time to enjoy and view one of the special Northern New Mexico Pueblo events, but emphasize visitor courtesy!

Pecos Pueblo Mission Church & RuinsObserve all Pueblo Rules of Etiquette when a visitor on Native American pueblo or village community as they are just like your own neighborhood! Visitors should realize this is “life” for the Northern New Mexico Pueblo people- not a “display” for visitor entertainment. Pueblo people are “allowing” you to join them in their family and/or culture. If visitors regard these ceremonial opportunities as such, they should understand courtesies necessary such as: 1. No photography; 2. Render Natives prime viewing/sitting locations (remember you’re the guest-treat your host with humility and respect). If you’re not sure what the rules are, please inquire at the Tourism Offices for each Pueblo.

Looking to take advantage of your Santa Fe vacation opportunities? Want to plan to attend a Pueblo Feast Day event? Santa Fe’s most popular and longest consecutively running

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